Five Rookies to Trade For in Redraft

Here are five rookies to target in trades in redraft leagues a few weeks into the league season. These fantasy football rookie draft stocks will rise due to a high level of talent. Although their situations have hurdles and will not immediately provide a return on the buyer’s investment, these players will make great trade targets. Monitor them, wait for their owner’s frustration to grow, and get them for pennies on the dollar a few weeks in — just in time to reap the rewards of their talent when they overcome their obstacles by the year’s end.
5) Jay Ajayi
The Dolphins didn’t look to take a running back in the draft this year, but when one of the top running back talents falls into your lap in the fifth round, you take him. Lamar Miller will get the first shot at the job in Miami. The Dolphins wanted him to take the job last year over Knowshawn Moreno, and he obliged once Moreno was injured. Miller looked good at times but struggled with consistency; now he’s is in the last year of his deal and is trying to play at a beefed up 220 pounds in 2015. He may have had the first shot but could struggle with this new weight. Miami could bench him once he’s on their last nerve, and Ajayi could be ripe for the picking. His injury concerns are longterm but not something that should keep him off of the field in 2015; the starting job could fall into his lap by mid season.
4) Tevin Coleman
The Falcons brought in a new offensive coordinator who has a positive track record of installing a potent rushing attack. The issues is Shanahan’s run scheme (zone) is not something Coleman naturally fits well into, and there will probably be split touches in this crowded back field to start next season. Coleman has an exciting combination of size and speed, and if he can pick up some of the new Atlanta scheme while Shanahan works in some plays to make him comfortable, his talent could keep him on the field. We could be watching him take a larger percentage of snaps by the season’s end.

3) Maxx Williams

The Ravens have struggled at the tight end position for the past two years with Dennis Pitta’s unfortunate health issues, and they drafted Maxx Williams to plug that hole. Williams’ outlook is naturally exciting, and his receiving abilities in this Baltimore offense scream production. Although he struggles in pass blocking — which could keep him off of the field initially — Williams should be the red zone target in this offense. As he rounds out his game, he could end up playing a high number of snaps to become one of Joe Flacco’s favorite targets.
2) Kevin White
The Bears needed another receiver after shipping off Brandon Marshall, and White is an exciting talent that will have fantasy owners drooling and pushing his draft position well above its true value. Alshon Jeffrey is still the true number one receiver in Chicago – especially thanks to the established relationship with his gunslinger quarterback, Jay Cutler. John Fox loves to run the ball, and with the most talented back he’s worked with, you can count on the Bears riding Matt Forte until the wheels fall off. Fox also has a track record of denying rookies loads of playing time in year one, so it looks like White could start slow. His talent is undeniable, however, and if he takes advantage of every opportunity he could become a star-caliber fantasy producer overnight.
1) Todd Gurley
The Rams have a truly special talent in Todd Gurley, but he’s found himself in a constricted offense that has a crowded backfield. Jeff Fisher has already said he plans to take it slow with Gurley, and St. Louis can lean on their RB depth and continue to deploy Tre Mason as they nurse Gurley back to health. Gurley has the size, speed, and power combination which — when matched with the Rams’ tank-like offensive line —  could easily allow him to emerge as a ROY. If there is any hint he looks to be a two/three down starter at any point this season, go get him and LOOK OUT!

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