AFC East 2015 Draft Grade Defense Style: Who Will Help Your Fantasy Football Defense?

The free agency period and 2015 NFL draft are over. And now it is time to see what teams did their defense a solid. And more importantly, which teams did the most to help your fantasy football  team?


Best Pick: Leonard Williams, Defensive End, Round 1, Sixth Pick

Most Surprising Pick: Darrellle Revis, Cornerback, Free Agency

Biggest Sleeper: Lorenzo Mauldin, Outside Linebacker, Round 3, 82nd Pick



Best Pick: Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Free Agency

Most Surprising Pick: Jordan Philips, Defensive Tackle, Round 2, 52nd Pick

Biggest Sleeper: Tony Lippett, Cornerback, Round 5, 156 Pick — Wide receiver turned cornerback.

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Best Pick: Malcom Brown, Defensive Line, Round 1, 32nd Pick— Vince Wilfork replacement

Most Surprising Pick: Jordan Richards, Safety, Round2, 64th Pick— Limited in his ability to play against the run.  Has coverage issues.

Biggest Sleeper: Geneo Grissom, Defensive End, Round 3, 97th Pick— If his biggest concern is finding a true fit in the NFL, he got drafted by the best team.



Best Pick: Jerry Hughes, Defensive End, Re-signed during free agency

Most Surprising Pick: Losing Kiko Alonso

Biggest Sleeper: Ronald Darby, Cornerback, Round 2, 50th Pick— Has starter talent but questions about his toughness.


Don’t let the grades juggle your thoughts. There is plenty of goodness to be had on all of the AFC East teams. Well, at least some of them — the Patriots are still a question mark.

Here is where we ask will they or won’t they? If they dare suspend Tom Brady, that defense will see lots of action for those games. We have to wait and see what that defense hold for us.

The Bills didn’t have a great off-season, mainly because they didn’t have to have a great off-season. They are stacked with possibilities. While they get the failing grade for off-season acquisitions and losses, don’t panic. Their defense is going to get you pass the fantasy bottom heap hump. The Bills are second only to the Jets in the AFC East for fantasy possibilities.

The Jets are going to be the sexy pick regardless of what happens with Muhammad Wilkerson — hello Williams.

But we all know that last season you wouldn’t let anyone on the Jets secondary near your bench. Now you are all giddy about the possibilities. Do you want sexy or reliable? Revis and Antonio Cromartie are the sexy choice. But remember, reliable will keep your fantasy team afloat a lot longer. Let’s wait and see what the preseason has for the rest of the secondary.

And the Dolphins, well they have Suh now. He makes it all better right? Let’s hope that he can stay on the field. The Dolphins were a good defense without Suh. Word is he makes everyone around him better. Keep that in mind. That is what is going to make your fantasy team.

Next AFC North.

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