NFL Draft Head-Scratchers

Breshad Perriman

While there are many things that the 2015 NFL Draft produced, there were a few NFL Draft head-scratchers that left me with more questions than answers. These scenarios saw players end up in situations where their talent can’t be utilized or a player is already filling that role and likely doing a better job. The future will show if these fits will end up working out, but for now I just don’t get it.

Breshad Perriman | WR | Baltimore Ravens

I had high hopes for the Baltimore Ravens. I saw Devin Smith or Phillip Dorsett as round one talents they could target as they look to replace Torrey Smith, who left for San Francisco. Instead they took Breshad Perriman who has the speed to be interesting, but not the talent. Perriman is a freak in terms of straight line speed but if he has to redirect it takes far to long to get up to speed. When making a play on the ball, he can have issues with timing when making a play on the ball in the air. His hands are inconsistent as well. Perriman could prove me wrong but I don’t see it.

Chris Conley

Chris Conley (Ted Mayer)

Chris Conley | WR | Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Conley’s biggest weapon is his speed. He can stretch the field and open up the underneath area for other pass targets. Unfortunately for Conley, Alex Smith is his quarterback. Smith has issues getting the ball down the field, making Conley pretty useless. Conley’s hands are a concern which will hurt him in this offense. Jeremy Maclin, the Chiefs big off-season target does much of what Conley excels at the next level. The Chiefs would have benefited for a guy who runs solid routes and has good body control. Kenny Bell, who went two rounds later, is one name that comes to mind for me.

Tony Lippett

Tony Lippett (Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports)

Tony Lippett | WR | Miami Dolphins

Coming into this draft, Tony Lippett was a guy who intrigued me. I was a big fan of his routes and his ability to play the ball in the air. Despite taking DeVante Parker in round 1, the Dolphins taking Lippett had me excited. I figured he could carve out a role on this offense sooner than later. However word surfaced that Lippett would not be playing wide receiver for the Dolphins, but instead will switch over to the defensive side of the ball and play corner back. The Dolphins have a need in their secondary and Lippet’s ball skills must translate if Miami is willing to take him in round 5. I was hoping to see him on offense at the next level but defense appears to be his calling in the NFL.

Two Guys for One Spot

Devin Funchess

Devin Funchess (Kirthmon F. Dozier, MCT)

Devin Funchess | WR | Carolina Panthers

Devin Funchess was selected in the second round by the Carolina Panthers. It appears the Panthers general manager clearly has a thing for big, physical receivers with questionable hands and inconsistent motors. For me they would have been better served taking either a quicker receiver to stretch the field or a solid underneath guy that runs good routes and has excellent hands. Time will tell if the two monsters produce for Cam Newton and the Panthers but I really have my doubts.

Phillip Dorsett


Phillip Dorsett | WR | Indianapolis Colts

Like Devin Funchess in Carolina, the Colts seem to have drafted another T.Y. Hilton for Andrew Luck. Dorsett is a talented prospect who can stretch the field and makes impressive catches. I’m not sure how effective the two receivers can be sharing the field. With the two tight ends the Colts play, it could work. At least these guys are both good receivers who can make plays. I’m still curious to see if or how they fit on the field.

Sammie Coates

(Todd Van Emst photo)

Sammie Coates | WR | Pittsburgh Steelers

While my Angle of Pursuit podcast co-host will love this pick, from his favorite prospect on his favorite team perspective, it left me puzzled. Coates seems to do some of the things that Martavis Bryant does. Both are big receivers who can get down the field and make plays. I suppose this could say more about the Steelers concern with Markus Wheaton and they envision Bryant/Coates on the outside with Antonio Brown in the slot.


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