DeflateGate: A Sad Day In The NFL

Tom Brady

Before I get in to my thoughts, feelings and proposed penalty regarding Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and “DeflateGate,” I will say say right out of the gate – I am a Baltimore Ravens fan.

I just want to make it clear that my thoughts have no bias and I’m not an angry Ravens fan or any of that nonsense.

What I am, is a genuine lover of the NFL and football, and this saddens me beyond belief.

On May 6th, 2015, the Ted Wells report was released. We, as NFL fans, received some saddening news, whether it hit you right away or not. The news? That Tom Brady, the single greatest human being to play quarterback in the National Football League is a cheater and a liar.

“Lol it’s not like the Colts even had a chance.”

“Cry more. You just hate us cause you ain’t us.”

“4 rings.”

“This is only a big deal because it’s the Patriots and everyone is out to get us.”

These are few of the many responses to the Ted Wells report, which offers substantial — though circumstantial — evidence that does indicate that Tom Brady “was at least generally aware” of what was going on.

What people don’t understand is that this case will never have hardcore proof. There is no video or anything like that. It’s all circumstantial, therefore it was will be labeled as “more probable than not.”

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There are many different sentiments in the report that indicate that Brady is guilty of cheating and having someone alter the footballs:

1. The footballs were deflated. NFL PSI levels are to be at 12.50-13.50.

Every single "Blakeman" ball is less PSI.

Every single “Blakeman” ball is less PSI.

2. Texts from equipment managers.


texts 2

texts 3

These are so damning and eerie. There were also ones with Brady saying (may be paraphrasing slightly), “You doing good Jonny boy?”, “You good?”.
3. Brady did not cooperate with the investigation – he refused (though his legal right) to supply his cellphone/emails to prove his innocence. Claimed they (Wells) would look at more than that.
4. An equipment manager disappeared with footballs
5. Happened during an AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.
6. Brady giving memorabilia and other things to facilitate the equipment managers deflating the balls.
7. Roger Goodell is under pressure from 31 other owners to show he’s not biased towards Kraft.
8. They’ve been involved in other stuff (SpyGate)


Additionally, why didn’t Brady just say, “yeah, they were a little deflated. I wasn’t totally aware of the rule and I apologize.” Why lie?

I don’t want it to sound like I’m bashing Brady, I respect what he’s accomplished, but he did cheat.

I know it’s “only slightly deflating a ball,” but whether you steal a candy bar or a flat screen TV, it’s shoplifting, right?

We sit here today, and if it were anyone else, we’d talk of the ignorance of the individual and call for his head, yet with Brady, we’re wondering why do it at all? We know how great he is, why cheat, however minor? The point of this isn’t the severity of what happened, but he context and precedent. Don’t forget the outright lying.

Tom Brady is the greatest of all-time, and while this may not hinder his legacy, it definitely taints his image and will be brought up when you mention him.

My proposed penalty….

1. Suspend Tom Brady for four regular season games.

2. Fine the team $20k per football.

3. Loss of a second-fourth round draft choice.

4. Suspend Head Coach Bill Belichick, though it’s said he wasn’t involved, eight games. Sean Payton was suspended and it didn’t matter if he was involved, he was the Head Coach.


Opening night of the NFL season will be without Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount and … Tom Brady.


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