Angle of Pursuit: Tre McBride

Tre McBride

Tre McBride – College of William and Mary

Height: 6’0″, Weight: 210

Comp: What we wanted Percy Harvin to be

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


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  • Willing blocker
  • Can pluck the ball how to the air and go above the rim
  • Can extend for the catch, even on a poorly thrown pass
  • He adds value as a kick returner
  • Very patient, allowing his blocks to develop
  • Can get inside leverage on physical corners
  • He is a feisty player and will smack a defender in the mouth and bump and run coverage
  • I like his intensity
  • Very instinctual
  • Adjusts well to the ball, whether it’s going over a defenders back above his head


Tre McBride has some concerns as he makes the transition to the next level. He can let ball travel too far, causing the ball to bounce off of his chest and lead to drops. Also the competition he faced while at William and Mary is a concern. He will have a larger adjustment at the next level. He has all the skills to succeed, but he will need to work.

Dennis Digs Deeper

Tre McBride primarily lined up in the slot but also see work outside and did well in separation. I only got to watch one game versus Richmond but came away wanting to see more. He works hard as a blocker. He continues to block even if the initial defender sheds the block. There was one play in particular, on a screen where he gave a defender a nice dead leg move which is something that is typically not seen from most wide receiving prospects. Its hard to evaluate a prospect off of one game, but William and Mary tape is hard to come by. I do like what I saw from him but I would like to see more. I don’t like to judge a player off of one game. If I did that I would never watch Devin Funchess again after seeing his Utah game. There was a lot of good in the one game tape. McBride is a chippy player that has an edge to his game much like Heinz Ward.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Tre McBride has vaulted himself among my favorite prospects. He is talented wide receiver that can be a force at the next level. He has the talent to make plays and the work ethic to make it happen. He showed up in the East-West Shrine and proved he could be special against elevated talent. He will be a mid-round steal for one NFL team.


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