Angle of Pursuit: Duke Johnson

Duke Johnson

Duke Johnson – University of Miami

Height: 5’9″    Weight: 207

Comp: Ray Rice

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • Explosive jitterbug who can cut on a dime and cross over defenders like Allen Iverson did on the court
  • Deceptive power and big play ability
  • Johnson had 7 runs of 50 yards or more
  • Can stop and start at an elite level
  • Nightmare for defenders to tackle in the open field
  • Smooth runner who is more of a make-you-miss guy, but has underrated power to break tackles
  • Excellent receiver
  • Good route runner
  • Very creative player who can make something out of nothing
  • Effective stiff-arm
  • Hits the hole with velocity
  • Has better foot movement than Usher on stage
  • He is an explosive play maker
  • Can be more than a third down back at the next level
  • He can run effectively between the tackles where he gets very small and appears as if he greased up his jersey with Vaseline before games
  • He has a knack for slipping through the creases into daylight
  • Fits well in all systems
  • To label him as a role player would be a major mistake
  • He is also serviceable in pass protection
  • Fiery competitive player


  • Lacks the ideal size
  • Durability


Dennis Digs Deeper:

He is the next great RB from “The U” who has produced several stud running backs like: Edgerrin James, Willis McGahee and Frank Gore. He also has one of the best jump cuts I’ve seen on tape. If not for his injury concern he would be even higher up my rankings, he is my dark horse back in this class to be remembered as one of its greatest players. He has “draft day steal” written all over him.

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Dennis is very, very high on Duke Johnson. For me I think he has the potential to be a useful back, but I dont see him as the three- down workhorse. The NFL has transitioned to a committee system. Johnson seems to compare more to Giovani Bernard, who fits well with a complimentary partner. The Detroit Lions, paired with Joique Bell, seems like a good fit at the next level.


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