Angle of Pursuit: Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah – University of Nebraska

Height: 5’8″    Weight: 198

Comp: Shake-n-bake of LeSean McCoy and the intensity and heart of Ahmad Bradshaw

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • Hits the hole like he was shot out of a cannon
  • Runs like a jack rabbit with the ball in his hands
  • Plays with a sense of urgency
  • Can cut on a dime and return to top speed within a step or two
  • His feet move with his eyes
  • Very instinctual runner
  • Has a very low pad level which gives him more power and leverage for a guy his size
  • What he lacks in size he makes up for in determination and grit
  • Elite elusiveness
  • Excellent vision
  • Great short area quickness known as a very hard worker in the locker room


  • Pass pro is an issue
  • Had fumblitis throughout his career
  • Small for the position

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Ameer Abdullah is a very interesting prospect. His 40 yard dash time looks pedestrian and likely will make people think less of Abdullah as a prospect; however, he has the skills to succeed at the next level. He has the short area burst that allows backs to get to the second level. He also is a dynamic pass catcher that can make plays on all three downs. The future is bright for this prospect.

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