Draft Kings Fantasy EPL and Perfect XI

Two weeks ago I stepped into the world of Draft Kings fantasy EPL and my god was it fun! The added intrigue on a Saturday afternoon that there was money on the line in a different way to the conventional accumulator caused me to shout at my TV in a way that I have never before.

If gambling is not your thing or you would rather pick your teams from a full weekend of games, draftkings only does the Saturday games, then the awesome guys as playtogga.com have a new free game called Perfect XI where you basically pick your footballing dream team. In their version there is no salary cap to worry about and you just pick your favourite XI.

So on a Friday night I am going to start selecting my XI’s for both formats for you and explaining why I selected them.

Draft Kings

G: Pantilimon $4,800

D: Cresswel $4,300

D: Trippier $4,900

M: Downing $5,800

M: Moses $6,700

F: Aguero $10,100

F:  Sanchez $10,200

Flex: Peters $3,200

Pantilimon vs Aston Villa: Anyone playing Villa is highly rated in my book and Pantilimon has been elite since he became the #1 choice for Sunderland. At a decent price he is locked in at my goalkeeper slot on Draft Kings.

Cresswell @ Arsenal: Crosses are important in Draft Kings and Cresswell provides plenty of them. West Ham will look to get the ball in the box a lot against Arsenal and look for Cresswell to be the man.

Trippier vs Man City: Trippier is the best defender in PPG available this week and again crosses are the reason why. They will be up against it playing City but they will have opportunites and Trippier will need to be provider.

Downing @ Arsenal: Has really lit the league up this year in a new role. I just have a sneaky feeling West Ham are going to do something big and Downing will be the catalyst.

Moses @ West Brom: Has been immense when healthy and was a no-brainer for me when you consider he can cross, assist, score and draw fouls to get you points.

Sanchez vs West Ham: I had to find a way to get him because quite simply he has been a revelation is his first season. He can simply do it all.

Aguero @ Burnley: How can you not pick Aguero especially when he is playing against one of the lower teams in the league? You always feel like he is going to do something special.

Pieters @ West Brom: To have Aguero and Sanchez I had to go cheap somewhere and this was it. Pieters is useful and is one of the better bets of the cheaper options to have a clean sheet while also providing a few points elsewhere.

Perfect XI

G: Courtois

D: Ivanovic

D: Trippier

D: Janmaat

D:  Rose

M: Hazard

M: Cazorla

M: Sterling

M: Downing

F: Sanchez

F: Aguero

Courtois vs Southampton: I think Chelsea come out angry and tough on Sunday and that means Southampton, who have struggled lately, are in big trouble. Courtois is my perfect XI guy this week

Ivanovic vs Southampton: He is just a beast and that is simply all you need to say. He can threaten in almost every category (except saves!!)

Janmaat @ Everton: Has been quality going forward and has been a decent defensive option too. Playing Everton is a bonus

Rose @ Man United: Tottenham are going to go after Man United and I think Rose will be integral in that going forward.

Hazard vs Southampton: Who doesn’t love Hazard? He is the single biggest game changer in the league for me and there is no way I wouldn’t select him

Cazorla vs West Ham: Has been on fire lately and I can see him pulling the strings again this week.

Sterling @ Swansea: Whether he plays wide or up top he is always a threat for goals and assists




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