Fantasy Supercross Week 10 Preview: Daytona

Fantasy Supercross

Welcome to our Week 10 preview of Fantasy Supercross, brought to you by our friends at RMfantasySX. Last week was throwback week in Atlanta, and I celebrated by throwing a few back while watching.(not really, but it sounded good). Ryan Dungey continued his dominant season by running away with this race, and he now has a commanding 30 point lead in the standings over Trey Canard. Eli Tomac had a very solid 2nd, and Canard finished off the podium. My guy Broc Tickle(hehe) had a great run to finish in 4th place, showing some aggressiveness on more than one occasion. There really weren’t any major surprises, as roughly the top 8-10 riders at this point are virtually interchangeable at any position. I do wanna give some props to Joshua Grant, the Two Two Motorsports teammate of Chad Reed, for pulling out a 6th place finish. And finally, Davi Millsaps is still dead to me, finishing in 11th.

The point standings are relatively the same, with Dungey extending his lead, Canard now with some breathing room over Roczen, and Tomac in 4th. Chad Reed pulled ahead of two of the three Rookie of the Year contenders into 6th, just two points behind El Hombre Jason Anderson for 5th.

This week the series heads to Daytona, home of the granddaddy of all NASCAR races. There have been quite a few awesome races here. I remember a few years back these guys racing here in a torrential downpour. Two of the more dominant riders in Daytona aren’t racing this year, as Ryan Villopoto is riding the European circuit and Bubba Stewart is serving a season-long suspension. There is a former winner in the group though, as well as some who have fared very well here but came up short. Oh, the Wild Card this week is 15th place, so let’s all enjoy the crapshoot this will ensue as we pick riders who won’t even end up in the main. Should be awesome!!!!

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Fantasy Supercross

Can anyone derail Dungey on his quest for the championship?

Ryan Dungey – This guy is on fire. He has finished on the podium in every race this year except week one, and that was a 4th place finish. Ride him until he faulters.

Chad Reed – The only active rider to win at Daytona. His 7th place finish last week wasn’t the repeat I had hoped for, but it was respectable nonetheless. Reed has three other podiums to go along with his win in the 450 era(2006-present)

Trey Canard – I’m not going to count this guy out on giving Dungey a run just yet. At times during every race, he is the fastest guy on the track. His issue is his starts. He is horrendous at them. If he was even slightly above average he would be dominating every race like Dungey is. Let’s hope he is actively working on them. Canard does have a podium finish in Daytona(3rd place) to his credit.

Eli Tomac – Tomac raced his heart out last week, catching and passing fellow Honda rider Canard halfway through. There’s no reason to believe he won’t be near the same position this week. Tomac has a 4th place finish in Daytona.

Ken Roczen – Roczen was 2nd in Daytona last year, and does have two other Daytona races under his belt, with 7th and 8th place finishes, respectively.

Broc Tickle – Tickle(hehe) has three Top-10 finishes, including a 4th, in Daytona.

Mike Alessi – Alessi has three Top-10 finishes, including a 4th, in Daytona.

Andrew Short – Short has four Top-10’s, including two Top-5’s, in Daytona.

Blake Baggett – Baggett seems to be getting better every week, and I figure he’ll be the RotY by season’s end.

Wild Card:

No offense, like I said earlier, this is a crapshoot. Personally, I’m picking Jake Weimer, as he always makes the main and usually ends right around this spot. 15th place is tough to pick. I want one that I know will at least be in the main, so I have a shot(somewhat) at the bonus points. This one is totally on you guys this week, but at least I gave you my strategy and my pick. Choose wisely! As always, if you’d like to chat about the picks or the race, hit me up on Twitter at @ReganFP, but no spoilers tomorrow as my sister-in-law is getting married so i’ll be DVRing the race!


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