Daily Fantasy Playbook — 01/27/2015

Pau Gasol

Whats up everybody?? It’s Tuesday and I’m back with the Daily Fantasy Playbook for tonight! It’s been a couple of weeks since we spoke last due to some really awesome two-game slates. We’ve got a slightly better one tonight with 6 games, even though a couple of them could turn into blowouts. I’ve stalled enough, let’s get on with tonight’s plays, one guy from each team that I am looking at for my rosters.

*Note: Guys like LeBron James & Stephen Curry are ALWAYS in play

DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors) – SG – DK: $6,500
– Hopefully last game was the return of the DeRozan we rostered so often last year. His shaky play since returning from injury has kept his price down for tonight despite the big game on Sunday. The Pacers rank 24th against the SG spot over the last 3 weeks. With George Hill back for Indiana and likely guarding Kyle Lowry, DeRozan will be need to be the key for the offense. Matchup, price, and opportunity are all there for a big night.

George Hill (Indiana Pacers) – PG – DK: $5,600
– In his first two games back from the groin injury, Hill played 20 minutes off the bench. Obviously he had better results against the Orlando Magic than the Miami Heat. I bring that up because over the last 3 weeks, Toronto ranks right down at the bottom with Orlando when it comes to defending the PG spot. The tricky thing with Hill is going to be his minutes. I expect him to return to the starting lineup soon, if it’s tonight, I like him for both cash games and tournaments. If he continues to come off the bench, you can’t trust him enough outside of a tournament shot.

Timofey Mozgov (Cleveland Cavaliers) – C – DK: $5,100
– Mozgov was playing like a double-double machine until Sunday’s game against the Thunder. He’s not going to give you any huge 20-20 performances and thankfully his price doesn’t need him to. Detroit is the worst team against Centers in the last 3 weeks, allowing 58.10FPPG to opposing big men. Now, obviously I’m not expecting Mozgov to blow the roof off the place against Andre Drummond but he should be able to do more than enough to hit value if you want to go cheap.

Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) – C – DK: $8,200
– You know who’s also really bad against Centers? Cleveland. Drummond has a MUCH higher upside than Mozgov and his price reflects that. The frustrating thing about Drummond is that Stan Van Gundy has no consistency with his rotations. That alone means you cannot trust Drummond in your “safer” lineups. His occasional foul trouble also limits him at times. I LOVE his price for GPPs tonight as he’s the most likely 20-20 candidate on any given night. It’s worth taking a shot on him, especially if you’re running multiple lineups.

Brandon Knight (Milwaukee Bucks) – PG – DK: $7,500
– Miami is actually very good defensively and their current ranks versus each position are pretty outstanding. The lowest is against the PG spot, ranking 13th. It’s no secret that Brandon Knight has improved a lot this season. Miami’s tough D, combined with a couple better PG plays, Knight makes for little more than a contrarian play tonight. He’s either going to score 40 or 15. Cash games, stay far far away tonight but if for some strange reason you really want to play a Buck, Knight is the best bet.

Danny Granger (Miami Heat) – SF – DK: $3,000
– At the time of this writing, Luol Deng is doubtful to play tonight. The Bucks are not good against Small Forwards and I’m sure most of the defensive attention will be on Bosh & Wade. Now if Wade happens to also sit (which tends to happen) then Granger will become an even better play. I don’t think I need to say that this is a GPP only type of risk.

Pau Gasol (Chicago Bulls) – PF – DK: $9,200
– Play Gasol. That’s it. That’s all I’m writing. He is safe as safe can be and the matchup against Golden State doesn’t bother me. Just play him.

Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) – SF – DK: $7,500
– Over the last 3 games, Draymond has flashed that stat-stuffing type of play he was doing a month ago. His price has come down and despite what some people think, this Chicago frontcourt has not been great on defense. Noah is not what he was and Gasol has never been a consistent defender. The trick with playing Green is that while listed at SF on DraftKings, he really plays more PF and has for quite a while. Green is a safe play tonight with a lot of upside, deploy him without hesitation in cash games and GPPs.

Wes Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers) – SF – DK: $4,300
– Somebody needs to step up for L.A. now that Kobe is done (again). Will it be Wes Johnson? Probably not but he should at the very least, have an opportunity at a lower price. The Wizards throw guys like Paul Pierce and Otto Porter at SF, horrible defenders. This is really a cap relief move with a little upside. I honestly don’t recommend rostering any Lakers but Wes is likely the safest to hit value.

John Wall (Washington Wizards) – PG – DK: $9,200
– I know the blow out factor is strong but there still just isn’t anyone safer than Wall tonight. The Lakers are a mess and they don’t have anybody that can guard Wall. I’m not going to go on and on about him, he’s the #1 PG play for me tonight and if the Lakers can somehow keep it close, Wall should be in line for a HUGE game.


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