Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook – 1/21

Carmelo Anthony

Happy Wednesday for Daily Fantasy Basketball everyone. As I was going through my previous articles I noticed that I actually haven’t made a hump day joke yet, or a camel joke, or really any good jokes at all. So if you don’t mind I’m going to take a little time and pat myself on the back for not asking, “guess what day it is!?”

Alright that felt good. Today we have 12 games going on, including  Carmelo Anthony (spoiler alert: he’s listed below) who rose from the dead this week and why Enes Kanter keeps taking away minutes from Rudy Gobert. I’m suspecting he has compromising photos of his coach Quin Snyder. Who knows, maybe he’s just trolling us all. Snyder also kinda looks like the bad guy from Billy Madison. Just something to think about.

Okay anyway here are my picks for tonight.


Mike Conley – $7,700

After missing the past 2 games, Conley came back and dropped 22 points and 4 assists on Monday night. He should see at least 30 minutes again tonight. He has pretty good value considering he’s been one of the better Guards so far this season but his price comes around the middle of the pack. Well, the middle of  the guards that you would actually want to start.

Kyle Korver – $5,300

Kinda surprised I haven’t had him on a list yet so far this year. He’s a killer from 3, puts up a nice amount of points and will give you a few rebounds as well because he’s a nice guy. The 3-pt leader is also dishing the ball out more the past few games, if he can consistently average 4 a game then he just boosted his fantasy value even further.


Donatas Motiejunas – $5,600

He’s been on a roll with Terrence Jones still out due to his leg injury. Motiejunas is good for double figure points, rebounds and oddly enough more steals than blocks for the big man. Once Jones returns his value will plummet so for right now keep putting his very long and pain to type name in the line up.

Carmelo Anthony – $9,400

For the two games he’s been back he’s posted 25 and 24 points. He has also snagged 12 total rebounds and 4 total steals to go along with his nice shooting percentage that is above 50% during this time. I know small sample size but the point is he belongs in your line up, until he shuts it down or just stops playing because Knicks. Tonight he gets the 76ers who are not very good at the basketball thing and with two games under Melo’s belt he should keep finding his groove tonight.


Rudy Gobert – $6,800

Despite Kanter in his way of a starting spot, Gobert has been good for 30+ minutes in nearly every game in this new year. In 29 minutes in his last outing, he came down with 18 rebounds. Umm sign me up please. He’s not consistent scoring the ball but with plenty of rebounds, good assist numbers for his position and a whole lot of steals and blocks he makes for a fantasy gem in this range.


As always the $$$ is from FanDuel. Good luck tonight everyone.


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