Week 10 Fantasy Football Rankings

It is that time of the week again and I know how important Week 10 Fantasy Football Rankings are to you. I really do, but I need to let you all know that this is a tad late for a good reason. Well, not “good” but a reason I shouldn’t get a “Why so late?” response too.

As I write this I can barely keep my right eye open because it feels like something is stuck in it. No matter how many times I have rinsed it, used eyedrops, the eyelid trick it hasn’t gone. Leaving me with one eye a sloppy Thursday night game from the Bengals and trying to cram these rankings out.

Oh, I will likely go to the doctor tomorrow am if it doesn’t “Magically” get better over night. It may even be pink eye, but I would rather have that than something in my eye. Which leads me to my perfect segway. Are there any Fantasy players on your rosters who are like something in your eye. You have to live with them, and if you try to hard to get rid of it you could cause more damage? I can name a few for you A.J. Green, LeSean McCoy, and Zach Ertz are a few guys who are on my squads I personally am stuck with. Can’t trade for value, and if I do, you just know they will blow up and have a killer final stretch right? So can you possibly bench them? Not really unless you really have a deep roster. All you can do is hold out hope things will improve, and miraculously things will fix themselves. If not, you can only resign to the fact you are powerless and need help from someone, or something completely out of your control.  Likely A DOCTOR!

That aside I hope everyone has a successful Week 10, especially the Andrew Luck owners of the world, and have an adequte or serviceable backup to plug in this week. Or hopefully your squad is in good enough position to take the loss and make the playoffs still. THAT is what matters most right? Just. Get. There.

Good luck once again to everyone, and if you need a little FanDuel guidance feel free to check out my Discount Diving weekly post and see if you can’t assemble some money making lineups this weekend as well.


WEEK 10 Rankings

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros


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