Daily Fantasy Football: Justin Hunter headlines our Week Two plays

The goal of the Daily Fantasy Football Guide is to give you a one-stop shop for high-value picks from both of the major DFS sites.  Each FakePigskin writer will tackle a site and offer three sections of DFS insight:

Top 3 – Simply put, these are the top three players on the given site at each position with the best value, giving you multiple options to create the optimal lineup.

Stack Attacks – When you want to double down on one team’s QB/WR/TE combo or trio, this is where you turn.  Higher risk is involved with stacking players, but it allows for higher upside in your tournaments.  You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

Expert Roster – Each writer provides one roster that will be in play for them that week.



by Justin Howe, @JustinHoweFF



Nick Foles @ IND $8,300

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Jake Locker vs. DAL $7,400

Carson Palmer @ NYG $6,900

Reasoning: There’s a lot to like about this Eagle offense; if you’re not overwhelmed by the talent, pay comfortably for the volume.  Chip Kelly presides over a fast-paced offense that ran off an impressive 82 snaps in Week One, allowing for full workloads across the board.  This week, Kelly & Co. square off against the sieve-like Colts defense, which was thoroughly gashed by Denver’s similarly high-octane attack.  And Foles is priced cheaper than nine other QBs this week.  Locker is a consideration due to his competition: this Cowboy defense is just putrid, so any opponent of theirs is a strong fantasy play.  Palmer isn’t any great shakes as an NFL QB, but he looks poised to post a big year for such a bargain-basement investment.  Armed with two big, talented wideouts and an offensive scheme suited to aggressive, downfield passing, Palmer will probably level a shaky Giant secondary that was decimated Monday night.

Running Back

Arian Foster @ OAK $8,300

Shane Vereen @ MIN $6,800

Jeremy Hill vs. ATL $4,900

Reasoning: The Texans clearly intend to run the wheels off of Foster.  In Week One, he was handed the ball or targeted on 52% of the team’s plays, putting him on pace to touch the ball 466 times this season.  While that pace is certain to regress a hair, it’s unlikely to happen this week against a Raider defense that was just gashed by Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is little more than a caretaker, so while Foster is healthy, enjoy the massive workloads against the weaker run defenses.  Vereen has that Darren Sproles look: a fantastic outlet option in the passing game, but also a sneaky ballcarrier.  On Sunday, he surprisingly received three goal line rushes to typical short-yardage plow Stevan Ridley’s one.  The Vikings are not strong at LB, and Vereen could have his way with overpursuing rookie Anthony Barr.  This is a great price tag for a likely top-10 producer this week.  Hill is on every yearly roster I have.  He’s a gifted inside runner – not merely a chubby bruiser who stumbles into short TDs – and Marvin Lewis has spoken this week about expanding his role.  I expect Hill to see upwards of 10-12 carries a week going forward, as BenJarvus Green-Ellis received more than half the Bengals’ rushes last year, and Gio Bernard is much more receiver than runner.  The matchup looks good, as well: Atlanta allowed productive games (and two short TDs) to the Saints’ power backs last week.

Wide Receiver

Jordy Nelson v. NYJ $7,900

Andre Johnson @ OAK $7,100

Justin Hunter v. DAL $5,700

Reasoning: Don’t overreact to the Packers’ (embarrassingly) sluggish offensive debut; simply put, there’s just not much to do against the mauling Seattle secondary.  Nelson should breathe a sigh of relief hosting the Jets, whose CB depth chart is as decimated and shaky as any in the league.  This is a secondary holding out desperate hope that unsteady second-year man Dee Milliner can play through a month-old high ankle sprain.  Either way, you’d be wise to expect an explosive rebound from Aaron Rodgers & Co., and the primary beneficiaries look to be Nelson and the similarly-priced Randall Cobb ($7,600).  And the sneaky-good Jets are likely to stay close enough to keep the Packer passing game dialed up for 3+ quarters.  Johnson served as the clear frontrunner in Houston’s Week One passing game, drawing nine of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 22 targets.  While I love DeAndre Hopkins’ long-term NFL prospects as much as anyone, two things seem clear at this point: (1) the Texans’ new regime wants to run a sanitized, low-risk passing game, and (2) the sure-handed Johnson is still the focal point.  Against the Raiders’ perpetually rebuilding secondary, Johnson is a WR1 bargain this week.  Hunter has defined the fantasy buzzword “boom-or-bust” dating back to college.  We caught a glimpse of Good Hunter in Week One; new head coach Ken Whisenhunt favors three-wide sets, affording Hunter a healthy 52 snaps that produced a team-high eight targets from Jake Locker.  Assuming Hunter is now in line to be on the field for two-thirds of the team’s offense, the time is now to reap the benefits of Cheap Hunter.  And what better situation could we find to test Hunter’s considerable upside than a matchup with the Cowboys’ utterly pathetic defense?  He’s loaded with big-play and touchdown potential, and this could well be his biggest game of the season.

Tight End

Julius Thomas v. KC $8,100

Zach Ertz @ IND $5,600

Delanie Walker v. DAL $5,000

Reasoning: If you need me to explain the appeal of Julius Thomas, you’re just too skeptical for fantasy football.  Thomas has scored on a Gronkian 15 of his 72 receptions from Peyton Manning.  This week, he’ll face a Kansas City defense without Derrick Johnson and likely relying on a hobbled Eric Berry to track Thomas down the seams.  Tennessee’s TEs, which don’t approach Thomas’ ability level, posted a 5-61-1 line against this defense last week, so Thomas should be worth every penny you spend.  Ertz is one of my favorites this year.  He’s drawn rave reviews for his route-running, which should earn him tons of snaps and opportunities, and his red zone work.  A tally of 8-12 TDs this year wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  As for this week, go re-watch the first half of last week’s Denver-Indy matchup and tell me what you think a gifted TE is capable of against the Colts.  And Ertz actually costs less than Jared Cook.  We’ve discussed the Cowboys’ defensive suckitude, so take advantage of Walker in a dream matchup; the Cowboys were simply tormented by Vernon Davis’ red zone prowess last Sunday.  And Walker, while not a household name (hence the price tag), was a fantastic red zone producer last season, drawing the third-most looks from there among NFL tight ends.  He saw two more against the Chiefs, turning one into a touchdown.  Walker’s value will likely depend on touchdown production all year, but after seeing the Cowboys flail after Davis in the end zone, I’m buying his scoring chances this week.  If you’re looking to load up at other positions and take a stab at a cheap TE, there are few better options.


Philadelphia @ IND – QB Nick Foles $8,300, RB LeSean McCoy $9,200, TE Zach Ertz $5,600

Tennessee v. DAL – QB Jake Locker $7,400, WR Justin Hunter $5,700, TE Delanie Walker $5,000

Arizona @ NYG – QB Carson Palmer $6,900, WR Larry Fitzgerald $6,900, Michael Floyd $6,600


Salary cap $60,000

QB Carson Palmer $6,900

RB Arian Foster $8,300

RB Montee Ball $8,100

WR Jordy Nelson $7,900

WR Andre Johnson $7,100

WR Justin Hunter $5,700

TE Zach Ertz $5,600

K Shayne Graham $4,700

DF Tampa Bay $4,900

Reasoning:  I’m a confirmed WR lover, and since I’m so much more confident in my ability sniff out cheap wideout play than cheap RB play, I typically prefer to pay top dollar for sure-thing backs.  Hence, my selection of the pricey Foster and Ball, two absolute workhorses who should feast on poor defenses.  I was able to do so thanks to two cheap but high-upside guys in fantastic matchups, Palmer and Ertz.  I expect top-ten production from both this week.  Nelson looks like a prime bounce-back candidate, Johnson will probably suck up the majority of Texan targets, and Hunter is a gamble that, if Week One is to be believed, should pay off against Dallas.  Graham is an accurate kicker in a great offense, and Lovie Smith’s Buccaneers again draw a QB dumpster fire in taking on the decimated Rams.



by Eric Florin, @That_RedGuy



Andy Dalton vs. ATL $7,500

Derek Carr vs. HOU $5,300

Brian Hoyer vs. NO $5,000

Reasoning:  Hoyer looked awful the first half against the Steelers last week.  His team was down by 24, and his first-half performance was so bad that some were calling for Johnny Football to make his season debut.  Well, that was quick. Hoyer must have heard Johnny strapping on his helmet; he went 15 of 20 on his passes, with a touchdown and 173 yards, in the second half.  Now, this all happened while his team was still down 24, which will likely be the case in this Sunday’s matchup against the Saints.  Luckily for us in daily fantasy football, we do not care how our players get their points, as long as they get them.  Look for Hoyer to sling the ball around on Sunday in effort to get his team back in the game.

Running Back

Giovanni Bernard vs. ATL $6,300

Chris Ivory @ GB $4,800

Dexter McCluster vs. DAL $3,000

Reasoning:  I know Chris Ivory is no Marshawn Lynch, but the linebacker play for Green Bay in Week One was awful.  Ivory may not be as talented as Lynch, but they do have similar running styles.  You may be wary to roll with Ivory, since he is not the starting tailback for the Jets.  No need to fear; that is what I am here for.  What if I told you that Ivory only had three fewer snaps played compared to starting tailback Chris Johnson; would you feel more confident?  No?  Ok, what if I added that Ivory out-produced Johnson by gaining 102 yards on the ground compared to Johnson’s 68?  Feel better now?  I had a feeling you would.  Ivory makes for a great RB2/flex play this week, and at his price tag he gives you more flexibility with the rest of your roster.

Wide Receiver

Brandin Cooks @ CLE $5,300

DeAndre Hopkins @ OAK $4,800

Justin Hunter vs. DAL $4,300

Reasoning:  The Saints were not shy about unveiling their new offensive toy in rookie Brandin Cooks.  What a debut it was for the rook. Cooks was targeted eight times, and he turned those targets into seven catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Oh and he had a rush for 18 yards.  He was clearly a focal point in the offense.  Look for the Saints to use the same gameplan this Sunday against the Browns.

Tight End

Charles Clay @ BUF $3,200

Zack Ertz @ IND $4,800

Delanie Walker vs. DAL $3,700

Reasoning:  Tight Ends love to play the Dallas Cowboys, or maybe it’s just that the Cowboys do not like to cover them?  Dating back to last season, the Cowboy defense has given up 91 receptions to tight ends for 1,047 yards and eight touchdowns.  Well, nothing has changed so far this season; the Cowboys gave up two touchdowns to Vernon Davis last week.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from Delanie Walker this Sunday when he squares off against the awful Cowboy defense.


TEN vs. DAL – Jake Locker $7,100, Justin Hunter $4,300, Kendall Wright $5,300, Nate Washington $3,400

GB vs. NYJ – Aaron Rodgers $7,900, Randal Cobb $6,900, Jordy Nelson $6,600

HOU @ OAK – Ryan Fitzpatrick $5,000, Andre Johnson $6,400, DeAndre Hopkins $4,800


Salary cap $50,000

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick $5,000

RB Shane Vereen $5,900

RB Giovani Bernard $6,300

WR Andre Johnson $6,400

WR Jordy Nelson $6,600

WR Brandin Cooks $5,300

TE Julius Thomas $7,100

FLEX Andrew Hawkins 4,900

DF/ST Jaguars $2,500

Reasoning:  I did not really splurge on this lineup, with my most expensive player being Julius Thomas at $7,100.  The only thing I do not feel 100% about is Fitzpatrick, whom I may switch out with Hoyer.  However, if Geno Smith can make the Raiders pass defense look bad, I think Fitzpatrick can do much of the same with much better receivers.  A strategy I consistently employ in my rosters is going with running backs that are featured in the passing game.  The main reason for this is the PPR setting of Draft Kings.  PPR helps even out the value on RBs, so rather than going with a back like Adrian Peterson, who won’t be used in the passing game that often, I look at Bernard and Vereen.  And I love Andrew Hawkins this week (see Hoyer above).  Good luck this week, and let’s win some cash!



by Andy Getrey, @patsfever24



Andrew Luck vs. PHI $8,400

Aaron Rodgers vs. NYJ $7,900

Jake Locker vs. DAL $7,100

Reasoning:  Luck and Rodgers are facing terrible pass defenses and worth every penny of their salaries.  Locker’s passing game looked very good last week and now is facing one of the worst pass defenses in football. His low salary and Dallas’ terrible defense will make Jake “From State Farm” look more like Peyton “From Denver.”

Running Back

Demarco Murray @ TEN $7,500

Rashad Jennings vs. ARI $5,100

Shane Vereen @ MIN $5,900

Reasoning:  Murray looked like a man on a mission against San Francisco last week, and his ability to not only run but catch 5-7 passes makes him a top-five back this week.  Vereen and Jennings’ receiving and running abilities, plus their low salaries, make them a must-start in all leagues.

Wide Receiver

Randall Cobb vs. NYJ $6,400

Jeremy Maclin @ IND $6,100

Vincent Jackson vs. STL $5,000

Reasoning:  Cobb’s and Maclin’s high salaries are justified in these great matchups.  Maclin is the man in Philly, and Cobb with a healthy Rodgers is a recipe for huge fantasy success.  Action Jackson should see plenty of action and is a steal at his very low salary.

Tight End

Delanie Walker vs. DAL $3,700

Dennis Pita vs. PIT $5,600

Jimmy Graham @ CLE $7,000

Reasoning:  Walker is a red zone TD machine, and against the Cowgirls’ pass defense, he could easily find the end zone several times.  His low salary and ability to score make him a must-start. Pita looks healthy and ready for a breakout year.  Behind the Steel Curtain, Pittsburgh will be hearing the sound of “Pitta Padda Feet” a lot this week.  Finally. “Superstar” Jimmy Graham is a beast and should be a must-start if you can afford his high salary.


Green Bay vs. NYJ – Aaron Rodgers $7,900, Randall Cobb $6,400

Philadelphia @ IND – Nick Foles $8,100, Jeremy Maclin $6,100

Tampa Bay vs. STL – Josh McCown $5,700, Vincent Jackson $5,000


$50,000 Salary Cap

QB Aaron Rodgers $7,900

RB Shane Vereen $5,900

RB Giovani Bernard $6,300

WR Randall Cobb $ 6,400

WR Jeremy Maclin $6,100

WR Vincent Jackson $5,000

TE Delanie Walker $3,700

FLEX Rashad Jennings $5,100

DF/ST Tampa Bay $3,200

Reasoning:  Rodgers’ very affordable salary against a very weak Jet secondary make him a top-five QB this week.  This gives your team the luxury of picking up the likes of Vereen, Jennings, and Bernard as  RB/Flex starters, who all have great match ups and top-ten potential this week.  WRs Cobb, Maclin, and Jackson have great matchups with very reasonable salaries.  This leaves you room for red zone TD Machine TE Delanie Walker and his amazing matchup against the very weak Cowgirl defense.  Tampa’s very low salary against one of the worst offensive teams in the league should bring home big points this week.



by Mitch Jahnke, @mitch_jj_3



Aaron Rodgers vs. NYJ $9,100

Andrew Luck vs. PHI $9,200

Jake Locker vs. DAL $7,400

Reasoning:  Rodgers is playing in his first home game of the season.  He will light up the scoreboard for the Green Bay faithful, I think he scores four TDs against the Jets on Sunday.  The Cowboy secondary looks suspect and Jake Locker is a very solid play for his price.

Running Back

DeMarco Murray vs. TEN $8,500

Arian Foster @ OAK $8,300

Terrance West vs. NO $5,300

Reasoning:  I think Dallas feeds DeMarco Murray the rock early and often to try to keep their defense off the field.  Arian Foster looked healthy in Week One, and as long as he’s healthy, he has top-five potential every week.  Terrance West is my biggest value play of the week.  He is the starter this week in Cleveland, and they will try to run the ball and keep the Saints offense off the field for as long as possible.  With no passing attack coming from the Browns, they will feature West on Sunday.

Wide Receiver

Michael Floyd @ NYG $6,600

Reggie Wayne vs. PHI $6,200

Justin Hunter @ DAL $5,700

Reasoning:  Michael Floyd breaks into the end zone this week and has over 100 yards against the lowly Giants, well worth the price.  Reggie Wayne will be in a shootout, and he looked like he still has it during Week One.  Justin Hunter is playing the Cowboy defense this week, enough said.  Feel free to play either Hunter or Kendall Wright if you play Jake Locker.  The same goes for Indianapolis, if you play Andrew Luck, also go with Wayne or T.Y. Hilton.

Tight End

Kyle Rudolph vs. NE $5,500

Larry Donnell vs. ARI $4,500

Greg Olsen vs. DET $6,400

Reasoning:  The Patriots will look to stop Cordarrelle Patterson in the passing game, so I think Rudolph comes up big for them.  Larry Donnell looked like a rookie’s security blanket with Eli Manning under center.  He is also going against a Cardinals defense that over the last few years has been dreadful against TEs.  Greg Olsen will still be Cam Newton’s go-to pass catcher.


Indianapolis vs. PHI Andrew Luck $9,200, Reggie Wayne $6,200, T.Y. Hilton $6,400

Tennessee vs. DAL Jake Locker $7,400, Justin Hunter $5,700, Kendall Wright $6,100

Green Bay vs. NYJ Aaron Rodgers $9,100, Randall Cobb $7,600, Jordy Nelson $7,900


Salary cap $60,000

QB Aaron Rodgers $9,100

RB Demarco Murray $8,500

RB Arian Foster $8,300

WR Michael Floyd $6,600

WR Reggie Wayne $6,200

WR Justin Hunter $5,700

TE Kyle Rudolph $5,500

K Blair Walsh $5,100

DF Jacksonville $4,600

Reasoning:  I went big on my QB and my RBs.  As long as those three stay healthy, they will be putting up top fantasy numbers week in and week out.  Since I spent big there, I had to find some cheaper plays at WR.  I went with three guys who didn’t score in Week One, but should get into the end-zone in Week Two with their favorable matchups.  I would feel very confident playing this lineup in league games or head-to-head.


Lead photo: “Employees pay tribute to former district engineer, Vols coaching legend” by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


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