Malcolm Agnew Interview: Southern Illinois RB

imageSouthern Illinois Salukis RB and 2015 NFL Draft Prospect, Malcolm Agnew joined Chris Shanafelt on The C.S. Podcast on September 2, 2014 for an interview to talk about his college football career starting at Oregon State to where he’s at today at SIU. Agnew spent his first 2 years of his collegiate career with the Oregon State Beavers and it wasnt until last year when he decided to transfer to SIU and join his brother, Ray and the Salukis. Agnew described last years 7-5 season as a “roller coaster”. He said that there were times people were saying “Man, look at the Salukis, they’re looking great, they’re ready for a playoff run. And then there were other times like man, did we really lay an egg like that? It was definitely a roller coaster season.” The Salukis kicked off the  2014 season last week and got the 45-0 victory over Taylor University. Agnew put on an incredible performance as he rushed for 145 yards, 2 TD’s on only 7 carries and brought in a pass for 62 yards & a score. This week SIU will travel to Charleston to take on the Eastern Illinois Panthers in what will be a huge game. Last season, when the 2 teams went head-to-head, EIU was able to sneak by with a 40-37 victory in double overtime. I asked Agnew about his thoughts on the Panthers RB Shepard Little and he said  “I like his game, shifty guy, strong lower-base, breaks a lot of tackles and has a deceptive burst, a lot of people don’t realize how good his burst is. So I’m excited to duel with him as running-back’s do in the game against each other because he is a respectable player that I really like.” Agnew: “I’ve been saying for a while now, this is going to be a special year for myself and my team.”  Be on a look-out for RB Malcolm Agnew and the Southern Illinois Salukis this season! Follow on Twitter @ChrisShanafelt & @M_80Lane


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