Gyovanni Harvey, CB, UAPB: Interview

Gyovanni Harvey is a cornerback from the University of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. He plays with a reckless abandon and aggressiveness that make him a playmaker. Harvey is a prospect who many may not know, but should never be counted out. His toughness and heart will make sure he succeeds in the NFL. Here is our interview with him. I want to thank Mr. Harvey for taking the time to talk with me.


Blake Meek: First off man, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

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Gyovanni Harvey: No problem. I would like to thank you for the time for recognizing me & wanting to interview me.

BM: No problem man, so you’re from Miami. Who was your favorite pro team growing up?

GH: Yes sir. Born & raised in Miami. My favorite team growing up was Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

BM: Who was your favorite player growing up? Was it someone from those Buccaneers teams?

GH: No, actually my favorite player growing up was Sean Taylor. He the reason why I play with reckless abandon

BM: Taylor was a great player. Outside of Taylor, is there a corner that you pattern your game after?

GH: Me & Tyrann Mathieu have the same kind of game, we make plays anywhere on defense. Plus he’s little like me. So we got that heart.

BM: Mathieu had a really good rookie year last year. Big time play maker. So what made you choose UAPB?

GH: GOD placed me at UAPB. I had other offers but things didn’t workout so I’m thankful I went to school for free & played the game I love.

BM: It doesn’t get any better than that man. So, has there been a coach that has really helped you become the player you are?

GH: Two coaches, one of them is the reason I am who I am today. My drive, determination he brought it out of every player. Also my first DB coach when I got to UAPB. He made me focus on my craft & was real tough on me. That’s why I am & move like I do at corner today.

BM: Have to have good coaching, it’s such a help. So what would you say your strengths are?

GH: My strength is my heart. I’m never scared of a challenge. Anybody could be coached, but you need heart to succeed. Besides that my versatility separates me. I am a great tackler & I can cover. I can play safety, corner & some LB & blitz off the edge.

BM: Versatility is a huge plus for a team, being able to help them in multiple ways. On the flip side, what would you say your weakness is?

GH: I’m my own weakness. Only person can stop me is me.

BM: That’s a great attitude to have. What would you say is your best on field accomplishment?

GH: Winning the 2012 SWAC championship. I’d never won a championship ever before that.

BM: Winning a championship is an amazing thing. What would you say is your biggest off field accomplishment?

GH: Graduating college with a 3.2 GPA in criminal justice.

BM: Awesome man, a degree us a big deal. It’s something that you will always have. I’ll let you go with one last question. What do you want to do once your playing days are over?

GH: My league playing days haven’t even started yet so I don’t wanna think that far ahead, but it will have something to deal with sports.

BM: Love that attitude and answer. No one can doubt your passion for the game.

GH: Thank you for the interview & your time. Greatly appreciated. God bless.

BM: Not a problem man. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and good luck come Draft day and everything else in your future.


I again want to thank Mr. Harvey for taking the time to do this interview with me.

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