2014 NFL Draft Quick Peeks: Pittsburgh Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the 15th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft and will seek to add the talent that will get them back to the playoffs after missing out in 2013. Salary cap issues have hindered the team recently, and adding talented young players is the best way to alleviate that, and become a feared team in the league once again.

Who Should They Pick?: If things fall the way they should, then the Steelers biggest need, cornerback, might not be available. However, the Steelers also need a playmaker at receiver and if the corners are gone, Mike Evans might be there. If he is, the Steelers will be hard-pressed to pass.

Who Will They Pick?: The biggest need for the Steelers is at cornerback where Ike Taylor is on the downswing. With Darqueze Dennard sitting there, they’ll snap him up and add a physical corner who knows how to be in the right place.

Backup Plan: The Steelers weren’t very good against the run last season, and could look to get tougher up front. Louis Nix is a huge, but quicker than he looks player, who improves the front line right away. He could be a terrific run stuffer.

Darkhorse: Running the football to set up the pass will be the goal in 2014 in Pittsburgh, so ensuring their offensive line is at their peak is important. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they selected Taylor Lewan, a big, nasty blocker who only improves the line.

Trade?: If the Steelers are set on cornerback, and there’s an early run, they could move back for better value. With more than one need, and value available at 15 no matter how the draft falls, it’s likely they stay and make the pick.


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