2014 NFL Draft Quick Peeks: Buffalo Bills


The ninth pick of the 2014 NFL Draft belongs to the Buffalo Bills. They have shown flashes of what they could be, but still struggle more often than not. If they want to compete, they’ll need to be a more complete team, and their young players will need to grow quickly.

Who Should They Pick?: The Bills aren’t in desperation mode at the offensive tackle spot, but they could certainly upgrade, and it could be beneficial for their young quarterback, EJ Manuel. Jake Matthews is an elite tackle prospect and potentially a top five pick. If he’s there, he should be the pick.

Who Will They Pick?: They will be tempted to take exciting tight end prospect Eric Ebron, but in the end, Matthews is just too good to pass up. The Bills need to score more points, and giving Manuel the best possible offensive line should take priority.

Backup Plan: If Matthews is gone, or if they decide they must get a playmaker, Eric Ebron certainly makes sense. Tight end is becoming more of a premium position in the NFL and he would give the Bills a potential impact player there.

Darkhorse: With Jairus Byrd out, the Bills need a safety, and HaHa Clinton-Dix is the best one in the class. It’ll be nearly impossible to replace what Byrd gave them in the secondary, but Clinton-Dix is a talented playmaker in his own right.

Trade?: Like every other team in the draft, they’ll entertain any good offers to move back. They pick just after the top prospects are off the board, so it’s less likely they’ll get a blockbuster offer. They’re probably not in the market to move up.


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