Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 2/12

All-Star-2014-logoIt’s our last big night of hoops before the All-Star game. Hard to believe we are already here past the midway point of the season, and into the final stretch. Instead of my typical start and sit of my plays tonight, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. I consider the All-Star break a little holiday from daily leagues, so that’s how I’m going to treat it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to get at me on twitter @SaidHeHadAStory.


Twas Wednesday before the All-Star game, when all through the league

Their was still games to play, with players like Jeff Teague.

The schedule was set, by the league with care.

And maybe tonight, we’ll see a  DeAndre dunk stare.


The players were ready for the thirteen games tonight,

Which is more than enough to win on your daily site.

And here at FakeRoundball, we’re here help.

There’s no reason to scream, worry, or yelp.


When out in Twitter there arose such a clatter,

With many questions to tend to for tonight’s daily matter.

Away to my computer I flew like a flash

Tore open my computer, to take a look at my dash.


“Who should I start tonight” @SaidHeHadAStory?

“Should I start LeBron James in all of his glory?”

He has been unstoppable lately, dropping buckets with ease.

But Golden State is stout in defense against threes.


“Don’t let that worry you, he’s sure to impress.

I would start him without hesitation, so my answer is yes”

In addition to James, I have many more picks

So tonight in your daily league, you won’t put up bricks.


So go ahead tonight, fill your lineup with CP3,

And rely on the Brow, he’s been unstoppable that AD.

But not just the pricey guys, I have some cheap plays

For guys who I like, that can dish it or shoot treys.


“Now, Rondo! Now, Beverly! Now, Anthony Bennet and Draymond Green!

On, Deng! On Jennings! Or both the Jeff’s, Green and Teague!

To the top of your team! To the top with them, all!

But there are some guys I don’t like here at FakeRoundball!”


I would stay away from guys like Dirk, and John Wall.

Steph Curry is a risky play, but could be the biggest reward of them all.

No word or news yet if Conley will start.

If not, Calathes is a cheap play I think would be smart.


I hope this has been helpful, to help you build your team.

There are so many choices tonight, more than enough it may seem.

So good luck to you all, I hope you finish top three

In your contest tonight, as always, allons-y.




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