Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 2/7


Ah, yes. Friday has finally come, which means another big night in the NBA for us Hoop Heads. Ten games are slated for this evening, six of which have a spread over 200 points. The most interesting matchup for me tonight is the Sixers/Lakers game. The Lakers have yet to hold a team to under 100 points this year, and the Sixers allow the most points of any team in the league. But the lineup the Lakers are starting tonight doesn’t have a single player who averages double-digit points, but if I had to pick, I’m taking the over in this one. It should be a fun one to watch and see how it plays out.

But we don’t have to worry about just that one game with the nine others to choose from this evening. Here are my picks for tonight. All my prices are based off of DraftKings, the website I use for daily hoops. Allons-y!

Start ‘Em 

Here are the big money guys I like tonight:

Anthony Davis ($9,800) vs the Timberwolves – Can someone tell me why Davis wasn’t one of the first picks for the All-Star game? I would love to hear a valid reason why he wasn’t one of the original selections over Dirk. But let’s focus on tonight. Minnesota is banged up with Love having a stiff neck, and Pekovic still out. If Love doesn’t play tonight, the matchup only gets better for the brow. Over his last ten games, AD has averaged 23.1 points, 11.2 rebounds, 4.3 blocks, and a couple assists. Add that to Minnesota being in the bottom five of the league against PF’s, the sky is the limit for him.

Kevin Durant ($11,700) vs the Magic – The price of KD is a steep one, I agree, but there isn’t a better player in the game right now. Period. Durant has been a one man wrecking crew, having more 30+ point games than any other player. Tonight, he faces a bad team in the Magic that rank among the worst in the league against the three.  Using so much of your daily salary is always hard to do, but investing in KD has been an investment that has paid off in daily leagues.

Some lower money guys I like:

Danny Granger ($3,900) vs the Trail Blazers – I know Granger hasn’t looked like he has of years past. But tonight, he gets the start in place of an injured Lance Stephenson. Portland has been great all year, but despite their record, they are not a great defensive team. Batum is going to have his hands full guarding Paul George, so Granger has a great opportunity to outplay his value tonight. He will get the looks he wants and should get going early.

Steve Blake ($4,800) vs the Sixers – Someone is going to have to score tonight against Philly, and Blake seems to be the favorite to do so. He appears to be back to his pre-injury form, notching a triple-double against the Cavs last game. Also, with all of the injuries piling up for Lakers, he should look to get a ton of minutes tonight. If the other night is any indication, Blake should fill the stat sheet nicely against a bad Philly team.

Sit ‘Em

Anyone on the Detroit Pistons vs the Nets – More Pistons hate, I know, but I honestly don’t like the matchups for any of these guys tonight. Brooklyn has been playing great lately, and I just can’t justify spending the money on their main four players. In fact, Brooklyn has been a top ten defensive team since the new year started. Maybe Jennings is a little enticing to some, but for that price, I would rather use some of the other cheaper guys like MCW

Kyle Lowry ($7,900) vs the Clippers – Lowry has deserved all of the praise that has come his way. Honestly, he has been their best and most consistent player and the reason why Toronto has turned their season around. But the Clipps are a solid defensive team against the point, and that scares me for a guy that costs that much. I’ll admit that this is also a gut feeling, but I do not think Lowry breaks 40 fantasy points tonight. This is the Raptors fifth road game in eight days, and I have to believe that will take its toll.

Isaiah Thomas ($7,600) vs the Celtics – I know I have written about it before, but I stand by my previous statement that Avery Bradley is the best on-ball defender in the league. Especially with no Rondo tonight, Bradley is going to be heavily relied upon to guard IT2. Also, Thomas hasn’t broken the 40-fantasy point mark in the last six games, despite some favorable matchups. I firmly believe that streak continues tonight with Bradley playing him tight.

Kenneth Faried ($6,300) vs the Knicks – In my first article that I ever wrote for FakeRoundball, I proclaimed that the Knicks now play defense. I know it seemed crazy, and it still does, but it’s honestly a true statement. They actually rank second in the league against the PF position, believe it or not. In addition, New York has one of the best defensive presences in Tyson Chandler as well. Faried has been trending upward the past couple of games, but I don’t put any faith in that trend continuing tonight. Faried plays his game inside the paint and that is where the Knicks have been one of the best all season.


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