Drafting at the 1.01 in a 2-QB Dynasty League(Watkins vs. Bridgewater)

When drafting at the 1.01 in an upcoming Rookie Draft in a 2-QB league, owners have a very tough decision to make.  I think in Fantasy Football you need elite WR to compete for a title every year.  WR is the new RB and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  So should you take Sammy Watkins, who is being considered as the number one pick in most rookie drafts, or do you take the top QB in this year’s class in a league where QB’s are at a premium?  Drafting in a 2-QB league adds that much more thought into who you are going to draft because, let’s face it, if you miss at the 1.01 you’re doomed for your short future.

The Case for Watkins

At 6’1’’ 205 lbs. and blazing speed, Watkins has all the physical skills to become an elite talent.  Watkins doesn’t have the fastest timed speed compared to his football speed, but I see Watkins becoming a physical and very agile WR in the NFL.  Watkins possesses the quickness and agility necessary to consistently gain separation as a route runner.  Very good ball skills, catches the ball softly away from his body and is outstanding at high-pointing the ball and really fights in the air for the ball.  If you just watch one game of Watkins while he was at Clemson you will see the difference.  I would compare Watkins to Dez Bryant. The physical stats are roughly the same with Bryant coming in at 6’2’’ and 225 lbs.  Right now Bryant is clearly a much more physical WR than Watkins is, but when Bryant came into the league he wasn’t that physical of a WR, after his first year he became one.  I think that Watkins can become that physical fast WR that Bryant is, just might have to wait a little bit, but that’s what Dynasty is all about, building your team for the future.  If you take Watkins with the 1.01 you will not be disappointed as he will be a top-5 WR right next to Bryant within the next 3 years.

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The Case for Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater comes in at 6’3’’ 205 lbs.  He has the ability to make all the throws an NFL QB needs to make with his only downside being his size.  Bridgewater comes from a pro style offense at Louisville, he naturally steps through his progression while keeping his eyes down the field with defenders closing in on him.  He also has the mobility to extend plays and only takes off on the ground if he must.  Bridgewater possesses all the talent to become the next great young QB in the NFL.  I would compare Bridgewater to Russell Wilson.  Bridgewater is a couple inches taller, but draft scouts are saying that Bridgewater doesn’t possess enough size to be an elite QB in the NFL.  Wilson has proven them all wrong, much like Drew Brees did and has done throughout his career.  I think that Bridgewater will be the next undersized QB to become one of those QB’s that every NFL and Fantasy team wants and desires.  Bridgewater has the smarts, athletic ability, maturity, and accuracy that all elite QB’s possess and will be a top 5 pick in the upcoming NFL rookie draft.  If you take Bridgewater with the 1.01 in your upcoming rookie draft he will be a very solid QB2 for you right away and eventually become your QB1 and a top 5 fantasy QB every year. 

The Verdict

Drafting Watkins or Bridgewater at the 1.01 in your upcoming rookie draft seems like you can’t go wrong with either of these guys, but in a 2QB league you have to take Bridgewater with the first overall pick.  It’s not only the safest pick, but a pick that will get your dynasty team back up on its feet and competing for a title.  If you take Watkins you might have to wait the standard three years it takes for most WR to make the leap to elite status.  You could take Watkins and be very happy with your choice, but when the person drafting in the 1.02 spot takes Bridgewater you will be very disappointed every time your two teams face each other because you will feel the wrath of Teddy “Touchdown.”


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