Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 11/29

Happy Black Friday everyone! In honor of Black Friday, I wanted to go with some bargains tonight in fantasy basketball. I’ll give you one guy who you have to pay full price for and two who are the equivalent of shopping at Target right at 6pm on Thursday night. Bargains, baby, bargains!

We here at FakeRoundball don’t like to pay full price for talent, so here are some guys with low price, high production for tonight. If their values were tangible items, you could open your own pawn shop and begin making bank. Yes, my last two players tonight are the equivalent of samurai swords you bought for $50 combined and realized they are on eBay “Buy Now” for $4,000.

So without further ado, here are the guys I will have in my lineup tonight and ones I will be throwing out from my list of possibilities. All prices are based on my favorite daily site (Draftkings).

DeMarcus Cousins – $8,900 – Wait, but don’t the Clippers have DeAndre Jordan guarding opposing centers? Doesn’t Blake Griffin play help defense down low also? I mean the Vegas over/under isn’t even out yet, so Ricky, how could you be bullish on Cousins? If these questions entered your mind while reading Cousins’ name, let me bring you some clarity: the Los Angeles Clippers allow the 7th most points in basketball (101.9).  They also score the second most of any team (107.0) making almost all of their games high scoring affairs. Cousins and the Kings just took on the Clippers on 11/23 in Los Angeles and DMC delivered: 23 PTS, 19 REB, 7 AST and a STL. Now, with the home crowd having his back, Cousins will not only look to dominate inside, but hopefully provide a victory. Even if the Kings can’t pull this out, Cousins should produce similar numbers to last time and help you pull out a daily fantasy victory tonight.

Patrick Beverley – $4,100 – Jeremy Lin has been ruled out for the next two weeks with a sprain of his right knee, along with a contusion. Therefore, Beverley takes over as the full time point guard for an extended period. If you’re one who thinks just because Beverley has looked uncomfortable recently that you should avoid him, think again. I advise you to look at the Phoenix PG situation: Goran Dragic has been stuck playing an uncomfortable 2-guard while Bledsoe was healthy. Both his production and confidence were down. Since Bledsoe has been out, Dragic immediately gained his old form with 22.6 PTS and 9.0 AST in his last 4. Dragic even admitted, “I like my old role. All my life, I played the point guard. It’s a learning process to play position two but all the good teams have to do that.” I would bet that Beverley would say the same thing if you asked him having had to play a decent amount next to Lin. With Linsanity out of the picture for the short-term, Beverley should have a field day playing his natural position once again. Oh by the way, Houston takes out the horrible Brooklyn Nets who will be starting their second string point guard also. Get Beverley in your lineup.

Jeff Taylor – $3,000 – As an extreme value play, Taylor’s bare bone price will allow you to play studs elsewhere. Also, realize Taylor is not completely useless. He is five games removed from a five consecutive game double-digit point streak. With Michael Kidd-Gilchrist “extremely doubtful” tonight with plantar fasciitis, the majority of small forward minutes will go to Taylor. Like I said, if you really want studs in your lineup, this is one way to finagle them in. 20+ FP (fantasy points) are well within reason.

Players I Won’t Use:

Kemba Walker – $7,900 – Playing in a game with the lowest over/under of the night, Walker’s price tag doesn’t exactly come at a value. Guys like Michael Carter-Williams, Jrue Holiday and Jeff Teague have lower price tags despite averaging more fantasy points per game than Walker……and are in projected higher scoring match ups. Save the money and go with one of the alternatives, say Goran Draigc, and spend elsewhere.

Enes Kanter/Derrick Favors – The return of Enes Kanter means back to Utah’s usual starting lineup. Favors had looked uncomfortable recently playing center, so the move back actually does help him some. However, Favors is still $7,100 on Draftkings and Kanter is coming off injury. For just $100 more than Favors, you could go with the NBA’s leader in blocks per game (Roy Hibbert). Sure, Kanter is cheap, but being listed as a game-time decision despite saying he’s playing still scares me. It shows me he is not at 100% and he was struggling before injury. I’m going to wait until I see a big game once again before I consider using him.

As always, if you need any further information or want your questions answered, follow me on twitter @RSandersFR.


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