Daily Fantasy Basketball Notes 11/22

Last night was light on basketball. Extremely light. It was like ordering a Michelob Ultra at Oktoberfest, does the job but leaves very little satisfaction. Thankfully, tonight we have eleven games to look forward to watching. I decided to shake things up on Twitter and asked followers for questions they had for the rest of the season. Now normally, we reserve questions for our Monday article here on FakeRoundball, but one question in particular stood out that I believe a lot of out followers would benefit from hearing. If you would like to have your questions answered, follow us on twitter (@FakeRoundball, @SaidHeHadAStory, and @RSandersFR) and for a chance to have one of your questions answered here in our daily notes.


Question: Where do you gauge Larry sanders value for the rest of the season given he started terribly then tore his thumb apart? – from OhThtMikeTrahan

Sanders burst onto the fantasy radar last year after averaging almost a double-double and three blocks a game. But this year was a completely different story for big fella. Before he got injured, he averaged less than three points and four rebounds a game. For someone so highly touted and that many people used early draft picks on, he caused a lot of owners heartbreak. Add that to him needing surgery, I can understand why some people feel Sanders is not rosterable at this point. But I’m not one to call it quits on him just yet. This is only a small sample size for this season and I honestly believe it is completely possible for Sanders to average close to those numbers when he comes back from surgery. So unless you need the roster space, I would sit and wait on Sanders because his ceiling is too high to pass up.


Daily Fantasy Basketball

Start ‘Em

Ryan Anderson vs Cavs – Rhino has looked great since coming back from injury. He’s been 10/16 from deep and averaged almost twenty-three points in his last two games. Tonight he gets Cavs team that has been lit up this season from big shooters. He may not be a starter, but he will have more than enough minutes and shots to help your team tonight.

John Wall vs Raptors – The Wizards are in the top half the league in points scored and top five in assists; Wall is a big part of that. In fact, he has been so good this season that Trevor Ariza looks fantasy relevant again, which clearly speaks volumes for his play. In the four games the Wiz have won this season, Wall has averaged twelve assists and almost eighteen points. His numbers aren’t nearly as impressive when the Wiz have lost. Bottom line is that Wall needs the ball more to make his team better and tonight should be a great example of him doing just that.

O.J. Mayo vs Sixers – I really like this matchup for Mayo tonight. I think he is due for a big game after only scoring nine points Wednesday night. I know I have written about him being a streaky shooter, but it should be a 20+ point game for him tonight. The Sixers play terrible defense (and by terrible I meant the worst in the league). It should be a shootout in Philly, so Mayo should be a must start at his value.


Sit ‘Em

Derrick Rose vs Trail Blazers – Rose seems to have finally found his stride these last few games. We finally have seen glimpses of that MVP type of play that took the league by storm. But tonight is his first real test on back-to-back games this season. I think Rose can have another solid night, but what worries me is how he is going to handle playing two nights in a row. His minutes should be limited as well and is not worth the price for that much uncertainty.

Jared Sullinger vs Pacers – I watched Sullinger when he was at Ohio St and was blown away by his post game. I think that he has the ability to be a really solid player for the Celtics. Even this season he has shown why he was right to be a first round pick, but tonight will not be one of them. The Pacers are coming off of their first loss of the season and are still the best defensive team in the league. His 19/17 game against the Spurs wasn’t a fluke, but don’t bet on an encore tonight.

Miles Plumlee vs Bobcats – I don’t know what is more surprising, the Suns are 5-6 or the Bobcats being at .500. Plumlee has looked great to start the season. Even as early as last week I was singing the praises of the second year player, but lately he has fallen off the map. I don’t know why, but he hasn’t been as involved in the offense like he was before.  Less touches means less chances to produce, and sprinkle in the fact that Charlotte is one of the best defensive teams in the league (let that sink in), Plumlee isn’t as sure of a bet as he once was.


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