Week 7 Daily Fantasy Football Stacks

Stop pussy footing around. There’s a bigger and better way to make money than traditional fantasy football leagues.

It’s called prostitution.

Scratch that. Daily fantasy football leagues are where it’s at, and it’s slightly more legal. This is my first year to take it seriously, and the pleasure and cash it has produced is actually very similar to actual prostitution (I’m assuming).

 A popular strategy for entering large tournaments and leagues of 5 players or more is called “stacking”. This involves pairing a quarterback with one or more of his wide receivers and tight ends. This multiplies your upside given a high scoring game with the two players.

Value takes a back seat to upside these large tournaments. However, finding that upside and digging up nice value is where winning rosters are made.

Each daily fantasy football site has various salary values for players, and it’s worthwhile to peruse each league for the best options. In the interest of my own laziness, I will use Fan Duel for all salaries mentioned below. Here are five stacks for Week 7 to consider that offer excellent value:


Tony Romo ($8,800) and Jason Witten ($7,000)- 26.33% of $60K Salary Cap

The Romo/Dez stack is a little too rich for my blood. I was unable to put together a decent roster with Dez’s huge $9,000 salary this week combined with Romo’s. Witten offers a nice alternative, and Terrence Williams ($5,500) is also a nice play.


Jay Cutler ($7,900) and Brandon Marshall ($8,300)- 27% of $60K Salary Cap

The squeaky wheel got a lot of attention last week, as Marshall pulled in 9 receptions for 87 yards and two touchdowns. The Bears have a nice matchup this week with the lowly Washington defense.


Robert Griffin III ($8,200) and Pierre Garcon ($7,000)- 25.33% of $60K Salary Cap

This stack burned me last week, but I’m doubling down in multiple tournaments this week. These two offer great value for two guys who can put up huge numbers. I think this game against the Bears will be a barn burner.

 Chad Henne ($5,200) and Justin Blackmon ($7,100)- 20.5% of $60K Salary Cap

Oh, its value you seek? Look no further than the freak wide receiver and his field general on the “Garbage Time Jaguars”. This duo offers great upside, and an opportunity to fill out a nice team elsewhere.

Nick Foles ($7,200) and DeSean Jackson (&8,200)- 25.55% of $60K Salary Cap

Jackson burns the Cowboys. Foles stepped in admirably last week. Not my favorite stack, but Dallas seems to give up huge plays to the Eagles like it’s going out of style.


Good luck stacking! Comment if you have any other stacks you confident in! Follow me on Twitter too, @EHaleYea.


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