Week 5 NFL Spread Picks

Last Week ATS: 0-3

Season to Date: 3-8-1

Yikes. So it was a rough week last week. Betting is cyclical though, so I’m sticking with it and looking to bounce back strong this week. Baltimore just isn’t that good this year, the Browns look much better than they did the first couple weeks and Philly is impossible to predict right now.

These spreads are accurate as of 10:00 AM on 10/6/13 from www.sportsbook.com  and are likely to move by gametime. Half points do matter, so hit me up on Twitter if you want my opinion on a play after the line has moved.

Carolina -2.5

Carolina is coming off a bye week so they have had 2 weeks to prepare for the non-talented Cardinals. Cam hasn’t fully unleashed yet but I believe it’s coming. Look for the Panthers to get it going on the ground early and Cam to get out of the pocket a little more. Carolina’s front 7 won’t allow the Cards to run the ball, meaning more pass attempts for Palmer. He’s been very disappointing this year and I expect that to continue this week.

Indianapolis +3

This is the game to watch this week. You have a great Seattle team on the road going against a very good Indy team. Seattle is hands down the better team at home, but their defense loses a little effectiveness away from their home fans. Richardson and Hilton are both due for breakout games. Russell Wilson hasn’t reverted back to his rookie self yet this year. I like the Colts getting a FG at home to at least push this spread, if not take home the W.

Kansas City -3

Neither of these teams have beaten a quality opponent (maybe Dallas for KC). Tennessee’s defense has greatly improved this year, but now they have Fitzpatrick taking over at QB with virtually no receiving core. Alex Smith doesn’t turn the ball over and Jamaal Charles is just a dominating RB. There may not be much scoring in this game, but Kansas City is just the better team here. They will win the TO battle and take this game easily.

Week 5 Survivor Pick: Atlanta

Teams Chosen: Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Denver, Cincinnati


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