AFC South Week 3 Preview

Houston at Baltimore

As solid as the Texans run game has been this year with Foster and Tate, I don’t like it much in this game. Baltimore has kept the Denver run game (maybe more due to Peyton passing so much in that game but still) and Trent Richardson under wraps in the first two weeks; both teams haven’t been able to get over 70 yards against this defense. Houston has a much better run game and better running backs than those teams and same as the last couple weeks, you’re starting Foster if you have him, but I wouldn’t expect 100 yards from him. Tate I’m starting if I am desperate or in a really deep league but that’s about it. He has lots of value if Foster goes down however.

So……when did Shaub start throwing the ball so much? Peyton Manning ripped apart this secondary in the second half of the season opener, but Shaub isn’t Peyton Manning. I expect this game to be a defensive and run battle, with both QBs not throwing a whole lot. The Ravens pass rush is very good, so I expect Shaub to be under some duress and not have a great game. Again, I’m not starting him unless I absolutely have to or I’m playing in a deeper league/2QB league.

Andre, Andre, Andre…….here come the injuries again! Okay, it wasn’t his fault; he took a huge hit to the head from Bernard Pollard. If he plays, he should see a lot of targets and be a solid PPR play. If I have him, I’m starting him. Hopkins last week decided to make me look stupid and go have one heck of a game. What a couple of catches he made at the end of the game last week, WOW! While he is talented, I do chalk up some of his stats to the injury of Andre. He did prove himself able to be a solid #1 WR though, so maybe Shaub starts to look his way more.

Last week against the Ravens, the TE Jordan Cameron was the only player on the Browns to have more than 40 receiving yards; this should be an encouraging sign for Owen Daniels. Julius Thomas also ate this defense up in Week 1 for 2 TDs, so for once I do actually like Daniels in this game.

I wouldn’t start the defense for Houston this week – they have given up 28 and 17 points in the first two weeks to somewhat weak offenses. They have had 5 sacks in the first two weeks and 1 INT which is promising, but until they can get the points down, I’m looking to streaming options.

San Diego at Tennessee

As much as the Chargers secondary has given up big points to QBs the past two weeks, I still don’t like Jake Locker. There are much better options out there to start for your team, even in deep 1 QB leagues. Just don’t bother with him.

That said, Kendall Wright showed me last week. He could have another solid week if Jake Locker can find him against a weak secondary. I like him potentially as a WR3 this week if you really need him. Kenny Britt decided it would be smart to tweet about his team’s handling of him; classic Britt. He has disappointed for two straight weeks and was benched last week, so I don’t expect a lot from him this week. Delanie Walker had a decent game last week, getting into the end zone, but only had one catch. Again with him, there are better options that I would recommend starting over him this week and likely into the future until he proves he can be consistent and worth starting.

CJ2K had ANOTHER CJ2K type game…..25 carries for 96 yards against a solid Texans rush defense. He was also absent from the passing game, yet again. San Diego gave up a favourable yards per carry last week to LeSean McCoy, but the Eagles didn’t run him a ton. If CJ2K gets 25+ carries in this game against the Chargers and they manage to stay in it, this could be the game where he has a solid game and finds the end zone. If I had him, I would start him and expect a fairly big game.

Indianapolis at San Francisco

This might be a week to sit some Colts players. After a week where I missed on TY Hilton and Bradshaw, it would be cool to be right about them this week. Yes Marshawn Lynch scored 3 times against this defense and almost put up 100 yards, but they held him to under 4 yards per carry and held Russell Wilson under 150 yards passing. Bradshaw had a TD last week but with him and Brown it looks like somewhat of a committee, so I’m passing on him this week (even if I missed last week). ADDITION: Trent Richardson traded to the Colts!!!! I think this is excellent news for Trent as Pep Hamilton will want to run the ball as well as dink and dunk down the field throughout the season. I’m not sure how effective he will be this week as he only has a few days to learn the offense and he will be going up against the 49ers, but I think there is a reason the Colts brought Trent in so I think going forward he will be the guy. Look for him to be effective next week against the Jaguars.

If you’re a streamer, I think this is the week to do it at QB if you own Luck. Hopefully there are some decent options out there, but I don’t think Luck will have a great week as he hasn’t been that good so far against lesser defenses. I have a feeling that defense is not happy after losing last week and letting Lynch score 3 times.

TY Hilton finally came into his own last week and had a game that a lot of the fantasy community had been expecting this season. Didn’t find the end zone but had over 100 yards which was nice to see. This

week, I don’t think him or Reggie Wayne will have good enough games to start. There’s a chance one might nab a TD, but again I think this 49ers defense is going to be hungry and mad. No Seattle WR had more than 51 yards last week against this secondary and solid pass rush, so I’m expecting something like that again for the Colts WRs. Heyward-Bey was banged up and so I don’t like him this week. Fleener I missed on as Dwayne Allen was out last week, but I stand by my statement from last week that I wouldn’t start him and I would search for another option at TE, especially if Allen returns.

Jacksonville at Seattle

Seattle made a high powered San Francisco defense look like they should be playing high school football last week on Sunday Night. That makes me cringe at this match up for the Jags.

I cannot recommend starting anyone from Jacksonville this week. After watching the Seattle defense last week against the 49ers, I think the combined point total for players on the Jags could be under 30. MJD is banged up so I don’t like him or whoever his backup might be. Henne sucked last week against a generous Raiders defense and if Richard Sherman is covering Cecil Shorts (see Boldin’s stat line from Sunday) then he likely won’t do much, even if there’s garbage time.




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