Comfort-Cancer: Fantasy Players To Bench in Week 3

I’m watching the Sopranos for the first time (I know, I know, the rock I lived under was cozy, alight?!), and I seem to really connect with Tony. We both struggle everyday with the paths we’ve chosen.

Tony struggles with the organized crime, and I struggle with the idea of spending 40 hours a week in an office cubical. Tony knows his line of business makes him a bad role model for his children. I know I’m wasting the prime of my life behind a computer screen running sales reports.

I’m working in the prime of my life so I can retire and enjoy the time of my life where I wear Depends.

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Listen, I’m no free spirit who is anti-capitalist, but working 2,080 hours a year for the next 40 years to make someone else rich really causes me to lose some sleep at night. (Note to self: Come up with 10 fantasy football business ideas tonight.)

Tony followed his father’s footsteps. I followed my parents. We like to think we didn’t have a choice, but we always had, and still have, a choice.

Tony and I have what I like to call comfort-cancer. We go home to a nice house, food on the table, good friends, good family, and a perception of security. It’s what we know, and we are good at it. It’s a debilitating disease, and it can be a blessing and a curse. Both of our careers provide the nice lifestyle for our family, but both careers also eat away at us at night. In our heart of hearts, we know it’s not right.

Here are four fantasy football players that you are most likely too comfortable with and should bench this week. Don’t let comfort-cancer lose your week. I’ll get to work on it not losing the rest of my life (Typed in emo voice).

Tony Soprano via IMDB

David Wilson, New York Giants– I still think he will get his stuff together, but it’s time to let him think about his wrong doings on the bench. Let him prove it to you. At this point, I’d rather him score 20 points on my bench than another 2 point performance as a starter. Show me something, anything! Also, the offense needs to prove they are willing to dedicate to the run at least in the slightest. Most likely won’t happen this weekend against a horrible Panthers secondary, and a stout front seven.

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars– He’s a little banged up, and he’s playing Seattle. Seattle is where banged up running backs go to have non-existent weeks. That offense sucks too. Both of these first two running backs have plagued too many of my teams through two weeks. I’m starting lil’ Danny Woodhead over MJD in a PPR league.

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons– Roddy has been rendered useless. The high ankle sprain has turned him into a decoy at best. He is a great buy low target for the current owners who don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers– Fantasy owners spent a high draft pick on Cam based on the projected production from his legs. If he is forced to drop back and pass, like he has been doing, then he is a low end QB1. So far, Cam has only rushed for 53 yards and no TD’s. Alex Smith has more rushing yards. Cam has passed for a total of 354 yards and 3 TD’s. If you have a better matchup on your bench like Russell Wilson vs Jacksonville, go for it and don’t look back. Ole Cam needs to start running.

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