X-Men and Fantasy Desperation: Waiver Wire Adds

There was a time in my life where I thought joining the X-Men was a viable career option. A Wolverine-Gambit combination would have been my ideal mix. Both were badass, and good with the ladies. It just made sense for me. I was six.

Since then, my career options and confidence among said ladies have come back to earth. This is mostly thanks to me not being a mutant and getting married.

However, there is one time of year that brings back those boyish aspirations. It’s the beginning of the NFL season. It’s the start of your climb to the top of Mt. Fantasy Everest.

Me two weeks ago: I’m going to find Professor X and convince him I’m a mutant, buy a badass pet tiger, and injuries won’t plague my fantasy team.

Me today: Okay, maybe I’ll go back to my boring corporate insurance job so I can pay my mortgage, enjoy my puppy, and deal with these damn injuries.

It’s ironic how a fantasy football team brings you back down to reality so quickly. The reality of fantasy hits hard, and it hits quick. Very Polamalu-guessing-a-snap-count-like.

As you try to patch the holes in the ship, I’d advise avoiding the blockbuster trades, and stick with waiver wire glue for now. You drafted these guys for a reason. It’s no time to bail on the David Wilson’s, Tom Brady’s, and Cam Newton’s of the world. Selling low rarely helps. Let em learn their lesson on the bench for now if need be.

Brady would be a Ice Man/Beast combo

Brady would be a Ice Man/Beast combo


Here’s a player at each position, RB, WR, QB to pick up if you’re in need of a quick fix.

Bernard Pierce, RB, Baltimore Ravens– This man should be the number one target off of every wire in all formats. When given the opportunity to be a lead back, the man does work to the tune of 4.49 YPC. If Ray Rice misses, (which is looking more and more likely) Pierce will give you solid RB2 production against the Texans. The Texans have given up just under 100 yards rushing in their first two weeks.

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans– The ceiling of Hopkins is that of a low end WR1 if Andre Johnson misses any time. The rookie flashed his brilliance as he put the Texans on his back last week with 117 yards receiving and one touchdown. When Andre Johnson was taken out of the game with a concussion, DeAndre was targeted often. He’s like Andre but…. DeAndre.

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Philip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers– Picking up Rivers off the waiver wire can help ease the under performing QB blues. Your boy is 11th in passing yards. Ahead of the likes of Romo, Brady, and Newton. He’s also tied for 2nd in TD’s tossed with 7. He’s also got a nice matchup with Tennessee this week.


I hope this article helped restore some early season jitters. If you’re 0-2, it’s okay. You still have a whopping 10% chance of making the playoffs. If you get to 0-3, it may be time to get desperate. Do somethin’ strange for a little change, kinda desperate. But we will worry about that later.


Evan Hale is familiar with getting it wrong in fantasy football and wants to help you get it right. Follow him @EHaleYea and check out his blog, FantasyFootballDiaper.com.




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