Tinker Time Recap

For the masses(not really) that listened to the new Tinker Time Podcast with Asher Curzon and myself, I say thank you! Every Sunday morning our podcast will give you the Hot-5 starts at each position and the Cold-5 sits.  Now for the kicker; I am not one of the high-and-mighty “experts” who will ignore you when I was wrong about a start/sit. I’m using this article to either pat myself on the back(hopefully more often than not) OR bash myself publicly so you all don’t have to! (you’re welcome) So let’s get right down to it and see how I did in week 1!

Hot-5 QBs- Well the good news is that Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan all finished as QB1s, granted it was 7th, 9th, and 11th and not 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Now the bad news…My #1 and #4 guys finished tied for 20th in points, sorry fellas! Many will say “I told you so” about those two but they both threw for over 260 yards and 2 TDs each and I expect that trend to continue.

Cold-5 QBs- I certainly didn’t see Phillip Rivers finishing as the 8th scoring QB vs the Texans D/ST, wow! And I wasn’t expecting the Arizona defense to generate zero pressure on Sam Bradford so he could finish as the 13th overall QB.  I also expected Jay Cutler to be a little lower than 16th against the Bengal’s D/ST.  I was correct on Cam Newton facing the Seahawks and although Geno Smith was in the 20s he did score more than I ever would have guessed.

Hot-5 RBs- #1 RB was my #1 pick, that’s about what I got right! And I will take a little credit for Darren McFadden’s 9th place finish! Alfred Morris and Arian Foster were less than spectacular but still posted Top-20 scoring days.  I clearly missed on CJ Spiller last week though.  Let’s hope he picks it up as I have him as my #2 overall player for the season!

Cold-5 RBs- If it weren’t for Ryan Mathews catching a receiving TD I would have a hand print on my back from these calls.  Mathews catching that TD propelled him to the 13th scoring spot amongst RBs last week.  My other RBs on this list were BenJarvus Green-Ellis(21st), Deangelo Williams(31st), Chris Ivory(61st), and Mark Ingram(67th). This means I may actually hold your attention for another week when it comes to RBs you shouldn’t play! whew!

Hot-5 WRs- This was my nightmare as my #1, Calvin Johnson, was outscored by 3 of my Cold-5 players! Yikes! My guy Larry Fitzgerald was my saving grace as he looked in sync with Carson Palmer for a Top-5 spot.  Reggie Wayne(14th) also finished in the top 15.  My other bombs were Dez Bryant and Pierre Garcon. Ugh…

Cold-5 WRs- On the bright side, none of these guys finished as a Top-25 WR. Denarius Moore was the highest of the bunch at 27 with the rest of the group of Greg Jennings(68), Kenny Britt(85), Tavon Austin(60), and Vincent Brown(43) finishing outside of the Top-40 scoring. So I’m doing a little better with the colds than I am with the hots.

Hot-5 TEs- This one was very bittersweet.  Jimmy Graham(12), Tony Gonzalez(13), Jordan Cameron(6), and Jason Witten(4) all had great games and I’m fine with the picks, happy even, but man did I personally need Zach “Dudfeld” Sudfeld to show up and boy did he disappoint…

Cold-5 TEs- Now for the bad news; my streak of telling you who NOT to play comes to a crashing halt as the trio of Brandon Myers(8), Jermichael Finley(9), and Brent Celek(9) all ended with a Top-10 spot. Even Greg Olsen(18) and Scott Chandler(24) had Top-25 days.

Oh well, the life of a fantasy footballer… I will strive to get better for all of you, but remember, the final decision is yours.  If a suggestion I give you sounds dumb, don’t use it! Go with YOUR gut and play who you want! Please listen in every Sunday morning as Asher Curzon(PPR) and myself(standard) bring you the Hot-5 and Cold-5 at each position in both standard and PPR scoring formats on the Tinker Time Podcast!




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