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Welcome to Pigskin Preguntas- courtesy of Greg Newbold’s book The Barnyard Night Before Christmas

Welcome to  the new weekly  column here at Fake Pigskin. If you happen to speak or understand Spanish than you probably already know what “preguntas” means. If you don’t, allow me to share. Preguntas translates to “questions” in English , and that is really the gist of this new article. More precisely I will answer YOUR fantasy football questions on a week to week basis. I shall field questions on redraft roster, lineups, trades, waiver wire pickups and pretty much anything pertaining to your cherished fantasy team.

In order for me to adequately meet your burning queries please be as concise and detailed as possible. When necessary include league size, roster size, ppr or standard. These facts will help me give you the best answer possible. I hope you enjoy this years Preguntas!  As always you can find me on Twitter @realABC and feel free to ask @fakepigskin or any other FP writer. They will forward the questions back to me. Just make sure you include the #PP or #pigskinpreguntas

Without further ado, let’s dive right in to the inaugural column!

Adam Wilde @awilde27: “I have Demaryius Thomas and the Ravens defense. The Broncos play Baltimore week one. Should I concern myself with changing me defense, or is that not an issue?”

Adam, in my opinion, it rarely matters if you have a skill position player going up against your DST. Here you are clearly not sitting DT. I think the real issue is whether or not you want to play Baltimore’s DST against Denver on the road in “Mile High”, with Peyton Manning orchestrating the Broncos offense. I would not. I usually play DST’s week to week based on match ups or “streaming” as it has come to be known. This is a match up I want no part of. I would scour the waiver wire for another DST, perhaps TB vs NYJ or maybe even KC vs JAX. Hold onto Baltimore’s DST if you have the roster space as they usually have a decent defense. But this week, I’d leave them on your bench.


Evan Hale @EHaleYea: “I ended up with 3 strong RB’s, Stafford, Garcon, and Sudfeld in all of my 12 team money leagues. Reason to be worried? #notdiversifiedatall”

Evan, there is always risk when we don’t diversify. I don’t know who your QB2 is in these leagues, but a season ending injury to Stafford could really be a thorn in your side. On the other hand, if you have diversified your “3 strong RB’s”, then I think you will be okay for this year. My advice would be to keep a keen eye on the waiver wire and scoop up players that pop in the first few weeks. If that doesn’t work for you, see if you can trade studs for studs in different leagues. By doing this you may diminish the risk of tanking  a whole season in a multitude of leagues if a vital player goes down with a season ending injury.


Eric Florin @that_redguy: “Week 1 PPR, Golden Tate or Kenny Britt?”

Well Eric,  I am going to have to say that I think Tate is the safer play for week 1. Tate should take over the role Percy Harvin would have had for Seattle this year. Tate has Russell Wilson throwing him the ball and word out of camp has been that Tate is primed for a big year. Now that could be “coach speak”, but Tate over the final three games of 2012 including the playoffs compiled the following stats: 25/436/2. He showed excellent rapport with Wilson and should be primed to go on Sunday.

Mr. Kenny Britt on the other hand has always been an enigma. He’s been either hurt or in legal trouble. When he has played, he has been dominant. However I am taking a wait and see approach with him this year. If you are looking for a big risk guy then by all means go with Britt. I however, wouldn’t play him week 1.

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Eric Hardter @EDH_27: “What do you think of Brian Hartline’s chances week one in a PPR setting?”

First off Eric I want to say what a huge fan of your “Mailbag” article at Dynastyleaguefootball.com What you guys do at your site is phenomenal. I love your articles, forums, podcast and premium content. Please keep up the great work!

Now on to your question. If you follow me on Twitter you know I am a big time Fins fan. While I try to be as unbiased as I can, talking Fins players tends to get me excited. Watching the preseason games, there was very little to get excited about. Tannehill showed average rapport with newly signed Wallace and Hartline’s stats were just okay. However I think that this will be a team that really shines during the regular season. I also expect their Week 1 game against Cleveland to be one of the more underrated battles of the week. I’m thinking shoot out!

With that in mind I feel that Hartline would make a great WR3 / flex play this week depending on league size. In deeper leagues I like him as a WR2. He should be matched up with Buster Skrine. Hartline’s three inch and nearly fifteen pound advantage should be something I think the Dolphins would be wise to hone in on. I could see him catching 5/6 balls for 50/60yds. Not too sure he gets into the end zone as that has not been his forte the last few seasons and the Dolphins tend to look elsewhere in the RZ.


Thanks for sending in questions guys. I look forward to hearing from more of you all out there! Have a great week 1! Feel free as always to send tweets and “preguntas” my way.

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