Calling My Shots: 2013 Predictions

Every year, after my slew of fantasy drafts, I begin to form relationships (many of them unhealthy) with several of my players, and often times with their respective teams as well. This leads to the development of preconceived notions as to how I feel they’ll perform, and nothing, short of preseason injuries, can change my mind. Obviously various things happen over the course of a season, and I usually end up being wrong more often than not, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

Well, the dreaming/man crushing has been at an all-time high this offseason, and this time I’ve decided to clue you in on the action. Some may seem a little far fetched and that’s okay, because this is my fantasy…you’re just along for the ride.

The Great "Hambino" calling his shot/ Photo courtesy of

The Great “Hambino” calling his shot/ Photo courtesy of

Calling My Shots….

Matt Stafford will win MVP

Your 2013 NFL MVP/ Photo courtesy of

Your 2013 NFL MVP/ Photo courtesy of

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember this one, as I so boldly predicted on the day that he inked a new deal that the Lions QB would win the prestigious award. Well, that day turned out to be controversy day on twitter as I received several inquiries as to what would posses me to say such a thing (Mr. Late Round QB, JJ Zacharaison himself even replied to little ol’ me asking if I had any specific reasons why). And the truth is, while I may have just felt like being bold on Twitter one afternoon, I really feel like he has a legitimate shot. No, I don’t have any fancy numbers to support my theory, and I realize the Lions as a team will need to at least make it to the playoffs before he’s even considered, but the perfect storm of talent/opportunity seems to be a brewin’ in the Motor City if you ask me. He’s 2 years removed from a 5,000+ yd/40+ TD season, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he flirts with those numbers again. He probably won’t win MVP in real life, but at the very least he should be one of the most valuable fantasy players as you can draft him well after the likes of Brees and Rodgers, and get very similar production.

The Chiefs will win the AFC West

AFC West Champs/ Photo courtesy of

AFC West Champs/ Photo courtesy of

This one’s probably a combination of Kansas City getting a little better and Denver getting a little worse (on defense at least), but either way, the Chiefs will be sitting atop the AFC West come season’s end. You heard me right. Each year we see teams that we perceive to be a year or so away from competing that seem to almost come out of nowhere and go farther or do much better than we anticipated, and the Chiefs will be one of those teams this year. Andy Reid will right the ship on offense, and the defense should at least improve on last year’s numbers. Additionally, Jamal Charles will be a top 3 RB, and Dwayne Bowe will finish in the top 10 of fantasy WR’s.

The NFC North will have 2 100-Catch WR’s and Brandon Marshall won’t be one of them

Broyles gets 100 receptions? Yup/ AP File Photo

Broyles gets 100 receptions? Yup/ AP File Photo

For as beastly as Marshall is and he still should be drafted ahead of these next two players, he will fail to post a 100-catch season. That distinction will go to none other than Randall Cobb and Ryan Broyles. Alrighty, so the Cobb one probably isn’t that much of a stretch, but I have yet to hear anybody predict such a season for Broyles. Granted his knees will need to hold up, and thus far that’s proven to be a big if, but he’s in the perfect situation and has the perfect skill set to pull down 100 balls this year. Playing alongside the best receiver in the game and a quarterback with a rubber arm in an offense that lives to throw the ball should give Broyles every opportunity to succeed. Fingers crossed on those knees though…

Tyrann Mathieu will finish as a top 10 DB for IDP

Honey Badger don't care. Honey Badger gonna hunt/ AP Photo/Dave Martin

Honey Badger don’t care. Honey Badger gonna hunt/ AP Photo/Dave Martin

The Honey Badger may be a high risk/high reward real life player, but as far as I’m concerned, with where you can land him in a draft, he’s all upside for fake purposes in my humble opinion. Granted some of his value may come from his role in the return game as I have a hunch he’ll take a couple to the house, but he’s done nothing but make plays on defense this preseason. He has an uncanny ability for putting himself in a position to make plays, and I have faith that the Arizona coaching staff will be able to maximize his potential. He should be able to fill up the stat sheet nicely, and will find himself among the best DB’s in the game when the dust settles on this season.

A shower cry awaits those that draft Watt over a top shelf LB

#1st overall in IDP? Not so fast/ Photo courtesy of

#1st overall in IDP? Not so fast. Photo courtesy of

First off, if you play in a sack or big play heavy league then you can just ignore what I have to say here and skip to the next section. There’s no doubt Watt is the best at his position, but if you take him over KuechlyWagnerLaurinaitis, Bowman, or David, you’re gonna regret it. I’m not saying he won’t be good, but I just seriously doubt he’ll be THAT good again. In fact, I’ll go even further out on the limb and say he won’t post more than 15 sacks this season. Let’s put it this way: he may be the Jimmy Graham of the DL position, but would you take Graham over Adrian PetersonCJ SpillerJamal CharlesLesean Mccoy, or Trent Richardson?

Percy Harvin makes it back by Thanksgiving and is the #1 WR down the stretch

"I'll be back"/ AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

“I’ll be back”/ AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

This one’s all conditional on how Harvin’s rehab goes, but the Hawks showed their confidence that he’ll return and so shall I. He’ll have the best quarterback he’s ever had throwing to him (save but one year of Brett Favre), and the two will make magic when fantasy owners need them most. If you were clever enough to pass on a defense or kicker at the end of a draft and instead drafted Harvin to stash him, kings to you.
There you have it. Have at me. Comment or @DSEmpire_Luke. You know what to do. 







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