“Me, Myself, and IDP”: 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

Photo courtesy of withleather. uproxx. com

Photo courtesy of withleather. uproxx. com

Great googly moogly.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it? But just in case it’s not…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMoxC4vb1eA

From a fantasy football perspective, the Chiefs are one of the teams I’m most looking forward to watching in 2013. The arrival of Andy Reid and the addition of a halfway decent quarterback (and maybe more if you believe what my Fake Pigskin compatriot Ken Wang wrote here) in Alex Smith has brought a renewed vigor to the organization. The usual suspects JC Superstar and Dwayne Bowe should see a return to form, and the fantasy football community shall in turn rejoice.

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And along with a potentially potent offense, the team, despite a rather poor showing last year (25th in scoring) boasts several young, exciting defenders. The combination of the two should put the Chiefs in a position to be more competitive in 2013. Enough to make a playoff push perhaps?

“The Broncos know the heir of Arrowhead has come forth. The Chiefs are not as weak as they supposed. There is courage still, strength enough perhaps to challenge the them. Denver fears this. They will not risk the peoples of Kansas City uniting under one banner…”

2013 Kansas City Chiefs (Base: 3-4)

Defensive Line

Being a 3-4 defense, the strength of the unit is not in the front line. That being the case, they really don’t have much to target in the way of lineman for fake purposes. However, Dontari Poe may be one to keep an eye on in keeper/dynasty leagues if you’re required to field defensive tackles. The 2012 1st round draft pick struggled last year, but he showed some signs of life towards the end of the year and managed to post 38 total tackles. We should definitely see some improvement in 2013.


Photo courtesy of shaggybevo.com

Photo courtesy of shaggybevo.com

Derrick Johnson: A household name to Chiefs’ fans and IDPer’s, Johnson is one of the best inside linebackers in football. He’s posted 3 straight seasons of 120+ total tackles, but perhaps what’s most impressive about the former Longhorn is his propensity for the solo tackle; 2011 saw him post 104, and then last year he recorded 110. Additionally, he has a knack for acquiring those tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. Last season, he had a league-leading 60 stops which was 13 ahead of the next closest linebacker; clearly showing his ability to diagnose a play, react, shed a block, and bring down the ball carrier.

Justin Houston/Tamba Hali: These two get lumped together because if you’ve been following along with this column, then you’ll no doubt remember the term I have for linebackers such as this: “Game Changers”. Meaning that in standard or tackle-heavy leagues, there will be weeks where they post a couple of sacks and maybe a forced fumble or two, and you guessed it–change the game. Then other weeks, due to the lack of tackles, if they’re not getting to the quarterback then they often end up being a hole in your lineup. They have value and they do their part, but outside of big play leagues they must be deployed with caution.

Defensive Backs

Photo courtesy of shatterthebackboard.com

Photo courtesy of shatterthebackboard.com

Eric Berry: It appears the knee injury that forced Berry to miss basically all of the 2011 season is firmly in the rear view mirror. He wasn’t the dominant force that he was his rookie year, but 83 total tackles and an INT is nothing to scoff at, especially coming from someone coming back from major knee surgery. Berry was born to play safety. He has a nose for the ball, and is very good at putting himself into position to make plays. The tackles will be there, and this year we should see a return of the big plays. He should be one of the first defensive backs off the board in all leagues.

Brandon Flowers: Last year’s # 7th overall ranked cornerback per PFF received positive grades across the board. Flowers is one of the most well-rounded corners in the game, and is actually very solid against the run while of course being a stud in coverage. He’s averaged 61.5 total tackles/year thus far throughout his career, and while it’s far from safety-type numbers, for a cornerback it’s actually quite good. If your league has a separate cornerback position he can be among the best.



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