Meet the FakePigskin Staff!

Kyle Robert: Editor in Chief/Senior Writer/Podcast Host @notoriouskro – Kyle Robert grew up the illegitimate child of Ron Burgandy in sunny San Diago. Kyle turned his focus to fantasy football mainly due to his lack of any athletic ability and innate ability to spot sleepers. Writing came naturally to Kyle, but the comedy had to developed. Between his drinking ability and his propensity to “lose” his pants, he remains the life of the party. His sports knowledge is through the roof which is also the way the parties he attends seems to end. While he may not be the most interesting man, he is damn close.

Danna Hanashiro: DFS Editor and Senior Writer @DannaHanashiro – One thing that people will tell you who know Danna, she is not your average girl. She wasn’t allowed to play sports as a kid, and that’s when her obsession with baseball started. That’s a good thing for everyone who loves fantasy baseball! If you grew up in the 90’s, TBS and the Braves were always on TV, and that’s when her fandom started. In high school, she was the statistician for the baseball team and still keeps score of games even today. Who does that? But seriously, even if Danna isn’t in the running to place in her fantasy leagues, she’ll keep you on your toes, with her specialty being digging deep for those pitching streamers.

While Danna lives in Hawaii, she loves to leave paradise to see what else the world has to offer. She enjoys going to the gym and eating junk food. Her singing voice is terrible, but her lip synching is on point. 90’s music takes her back to fun times, but it’s the jazz beats that gets her through her writing. There’s a different feel and perspective to Danna’s train of thought, and you’ll see it in her MLB and NBA articles.

Blake Meek: NFL Draft/Scouting Editor/Writer/Content Manager @BMeek23 – Who does the most interesting man in the world find interesting? Who trained Chuck Norris in the ways of fighting? Who does Mel Kiper go to for draft advice? Who built the great pyramids? The answers to all those and so much more is one man, Blake Meek. He leaves his NFL Draft advice here for the masses to see. Everyone enjoy.

Ron McCleese: Editor, Senior NFL and MLB Writer/Podcast Host @MaddogFFRon is a man that lives, eats, and breathes fantasy sports. He’s as competitive as they come and was given the nickname Maddog for his passion for playing softball. Ron is an avid Chicago sports guy and covers everything related to fantasy football, dynasty, NFL draft, DFS, and fantasy baseball.

Dave Cherney: Google+/Marketing Expert @RoadWarrior_D – Dave was born in Egypt circa 30 BC and exposed to his first Dynasty league among the Greek Ptolemaic regime. Regrettably, his early building skills were foiled as he stood before the high court having developed the original circular Pyramid designs now noted on modern Geico commercials. Dave would then travel to his current residence outside New Amsterdam where he discovered the first football field. Design would escape him again as it was an alien crop circle whereupon playing, the first concussions were recorded in 1734. Dave is currently living his final days slumming around degenerate websites with his claim to fame being the only man to be physically molested by a security officer outside Jerry World while recording a live fantasy podcast.

Aaron Marcotte: Senior Spread Picks Writer @MoreThanFantasy – Growing up in upstate New York, Aaron created his own Slamball court in his friend’s driveway using a mini trampoline for dunking and snow for pads. He has watched SportsCenter every day for the past 10 years, twice a day, three times on Wednesdays, just because. He has been the commissioner of over 100 fantasy leagues in the past 10 years, writing power rankings, making videos, and giving out fake awards to make himself feel important. With the 1st pick in a Fantasy Football Twitter League, he’d take Marcus Vick. Finally, he attributes his “eye for sleepers” to his ability to predict success using the athlete’s sleep number.

Ben Rolfe: Senior NFL, EPL, and MLB Writer, Podcast Host @benrolfe15 – Ben originates from England and well is still living in England. He is often heard muttering things such as cor blimey and cheerio and can only write articles while having a spot of tea. He has just finished university where he mixed studying Biology with flooding rooms and dislocating shoulders whilst under the influence of alcohol. After wandering the inter web looking for a home he stumbled across fake pigskin where they charmed him with chance to cover the odd combination of MLB/NFL/EPL.

Aaron Herman: Senior NFL Eliminator Writer @DE_aaron – When Chuck Norris was a teenager, he once impregnated every nun in a convent tucked away in the Himalaya Mountains. Nine months later, the nuns all gave birth to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated and untied team in NFL history.  Forty years later, Chuck made a return visit to his favorite convent and in 1987 one of the great fantasy football writers of all time was born.  Young Aaron tried to follow his older half brother’s footsteps by playing guard and center for his high school football team, but unfortunately his Chuck Norris genes were unable to overcome the fact that at the height of 5’7 he was destined for other greatness.  With the realization that professional football was out of his reach, Aaron decided to take hold of the fantasy football world and created the North American Football Association at his high school, the first chartered club dedicated to playing Madden Football and Fantasy Football.  Ever since then Aaron “Chuck” Herman has been a fantasy guru tweeting advice to all those looking for it.  His goal in life is to one day bring the “Greatest Fantasy Writer of All Time” award home to his native convent to sit next to the 1972 Lombardi Trophy.  The quest continues…

Gladys Louise Tyler: Senior IDP Writer @neverenoughglt – Let’s start with the important stuff. I am obsessed with Colin Farrell’s character in Total Recall. Carl Hauser/ Douglas Quaid is the perfect specimen of a man. Sure there are those that say this remake sucks. But I contend they haven’t seen the director’s cut. Nor have they taken a close gander at the beauty and depth that oozes from Farrell’s portrayal of Houser. Literally swooning here just thinking about it. Knees weak skin clammy pupils dilated…
Wait! What? Oh yeah, I love football. I love fantasy football. I love reading about football. I love writing about football. And I have boobs.
What can I say? I give good football read.

Amber Boskers: Senior NFL Writer @Jakita10  – As a Canadian by birth and an American hopeful by sports affiliation, my husband and I with our two daughters were finally transplanted in Arizona last year; and we’re not leaving! When my husband asked me where I wanted to go for our first vacation, I said “anywhere for football” so we went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and watched the Texas Longhorns beat the USC Trojans (basically the best football game Vince Young and Matt Leinart would ever have again). We’ve been hard-core Arizona Cardinals fans and season ticket holders for six years, and would fly down from Calgary, Alberta for home games. We followed our should-have-been Super Bowl Champions to Florida and stayed in a dive of a hotel in Steelers nation (aka Tampa Bay) and watched our Cardinals almost do the impossible in Raymond James Stadium. It was the best of times and the worst of times and the highlight of my Cardinals fandemonium. I love Coyotes hockey (surprise, surprise), enjoy Diamondbacks baseball (though not so much this season), rock the NCAA March madness, play fantasy football (though got my a$$ whooped last season in the one league that counted – four leagues is WAY TOO MUCH for me!) and am a graduate student in Christian Studies. Faith, family and football are my things and I have a lot to say. #Birdgang Baby!

Rick Fleeger: The Asylum Podcast Host @asylumfootball – Rick Fleeger was an unfortunate child. Coming of age in the early 90’s, Rick wanted to be the premier rap star, or according to other sources, a cowboy. He failed at both vocations mainly because he had no creative thought or rhythm and horses hated him. Despondent, Rick turned to sports. Again, having no talent, the future in sports looked bleak. Rick attempted football, basketball, hockey and curling with no success. One day in a grocery store while buying humus for one of his nerd parties, Rick overheard two guys talking about fantasy football. Intrigued, Rick investigated this new adventure. He joined a league and won! A monster was created!

Voraciously Rick studied fantasy sports, joined leagues by the dozen (he had nothing else going on) and actually won! This quiet, meek failure was successful at something and his confidence grew. As his confidence expanded, so did his voice and ego. Instantly Rick was transformed into the obnoxious boob you have grown to love or hate. He still has no friends, but finding a microphone in front of his face makes Rick think he has many. He is spreading his wisdom of fantasy sports with great fervor and does not have the need for humus nerd parties any longer.

Rick Briggs: The Asylum Podcast Host @asylumfootball – Rick Briggs is a product of the late 60’s and early 70’s and spent most of his young adult life as a traveling hobo.Throughout his travels and worthless existence, he has accumulated more useless knowledge than google. He holds extreme disdain towards anyone who thinks; the Beatles were over-rated, Townes Van Zandt is a village in Europe, beer is evil, today’s world is better than forty years ago, Tiger Woods was better than Jack Nicklaus, ghosts are real, ‘The Godfather’ is NOT a top 3 movie, fantasy football is easy, tofu is really food, cats are better than dogs, grilling meat and drinking beer is boring and Bob Knight is out of style. Other than that, Rick likes everybody!

Never one to stay in one place too long, usually not by choice, Rick traveled the south living the blues. When fantasy football made itself known to him, he found a direction. Now he could legitimately say WHY he spent every Sunday in a bar hammered out of his mind. When teams lose; he drank the loss away. When teams win: he celebrated. In between stupors, Rick was quite the accomplished chess player, but considering nobody plays chess, Rick once again focused on Fantasy Football. He has traveled the last 25 years spreading his knowledge of this great pastime to all craving knowledge for little or no compensation. He is akin to Curtis Lowe: just bring him a little drinkin’ money.

Justin Tarte: NFL Writer @TarteDaBeast – Justin Tarte has never lost a fantasy game, undefeated ever year across all sports. Not one time has he tasted defeat. Okay, maybe he lost once or twice, but that’s it. He works more than he sleeps and walks around with his eyes half shut murmuring “sleep is overrated”. When he is rested though, he will be trying to guide his readers to greatness. Although he is trying to lose a little weight he is proud to be called a “Piggy”.

Chris Donikian: NFL Dynasty Writer/Dynasty Zone Podcast Host @ChrisDonik – Chris Donikian, after years of his friends and leaguemates telling him he needed to find a fantasy football analysis gig, finally listened and joined Fake Pigskin to focus on Dynasty fantasy football and the 2QB/Superflex format. A Los Angeles native, Chris works in the Aerospace industry and spends his free time supporting the Raiders, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Lakers. Along with posting Dynasty articles, Chris is a co-host of the FakePigskin Dynasty Zone Podcast.

DJ Jarvis: NFL Redraft Writer @JarvisDFootball – Affectionately known to his friends as “The Bag”, DJ has worked in the newspaper industry for the last 8 years, starting his career straight out of high school, none of that three-year mumbo jumbo the NFL makes you go through.

DJ’s first love in life is Jamaal Charles, but due to torn ACL’s has been married to his wife since June of 2016.

You can catch DJ looking at Travis Kelce lovingly on Sunday afternoons in between slow pitch softball games.

DJ has played redraft fantasy football since 2004 when he had his first team with his father and has played dynasty league football since 2011.

You can ask him anything about fantasy football, but don’t you dare bring up Josh Freeman.

John Bush: NFL Redraft and Analytics Writer @Prof_Fantasy1 – Dr. John Bush: Full Professor of Biology, having earned a PHD in Microbiology in 1991. In his free time he is a NFL Redraft and Analytics Writer. Interestingly, he is a co-author with David Cherney of both a fantasy football textbook on Amazon and a blog. Currently in 50 redraft leagues to practice decision making within short time frames. Additionally, even though Muggle-born he strives to understand the mysterious magic that is fantasy football. His current talents include using alchemy of raw data to generate fantasy football truths, blending science with fantasy for great tasting yet filling data treats and planting idea seeds for all his readers to harvest for their victory and profits!

Matt Cunningham: MLB DFS/NFL Redraft Writer @m9vcvegas – Matt was born on a farm in Indiana and was raised by his Great Uncle Sven who swore that sheep were actually the family’s deceased ancestors. At age four, Matt invented the toothpick. Still milking the profits from his parents’ invention of sliced bread, he no longer needed to work. He went on a sojourn of truly legendary proportions. He touched the Wailing Wall and the Sea of Arabia before his 18th birthday. He traveled to Australia to study the wombat whilst also staying the hell away from crocodiles. After a traumatic near death experience in the Himalaya mountains, he now lives vicariously through sports.

The sports he covers – MLB / NFL redraft / F-1 / Competitive Badminton

Tom Corson: NFL Dynasty Writer/Dynasty Zone Podcast Host @DynastyInfidel – Tom is the real world Tyrian Lannister, except taller, and without the patricide, and an Eagles fan. Eagles are kind of like dragons, except not. He was classically trained in the arts of warfighting, Englishing, drinking, gambling, knifefighting, fantasy footballing, spearfishing, sarcasm, and unicorn wrangling. He is, despite his attempts to seem unintelligent, an idiot savant… Keyword idiot. He loathes Cowboys and would have eradicated them with disease, before Jerry Jones could purchase a franchise, if it wasn’t illegal of course. He has traveled the world and seen many things. He’s watched a grown man satisfy a camel and then attempt to dial his cell phone to blow up the audience. He is an infidel. He is the Dynasty Infidel. He is… a FakePigskin contributor.










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