NFL 2019 Week 6 Good, Bad and Fugly

It happens every week now, we are elated and then disappointed by the good defenses the bad plays and the inexplicable fugliness.


Call me sentimental but Gerald McCoy’s 2.5 sacks of former teammate Jameis Winston is good football. Maybe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kept the wrong man?


Speaking of keeping and discarding. The Kansas City Chiefs came into this season knowing they had to improve their defense. So in comes Steve Spagnuolo and Frank Clark.

This bad is more about the man who got a five year $105 million contract with $63.5 million guaranteed. This is about the Chiefs giving up a first round pick in 2019 and a second round draft pick in 2020, in addition to swapping third round picks, for Mr. Clark.

The return on that investment for six weeks in to the season is 12 tackles and one sack. That is bad.


I am putting the officiating in MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game right here. The illegal hands to the face call…TWICE on Trey Flowers was just some messed up bullsh*t and I’m not even a Detroit Lions fans.

Come on officials surely you can do better?


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