NFL 2019 Week 5 Streaming Defenses

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First, do we need to talk about the start of the NFL 2019 season? No. How about just last week? That was a week of WTF!!! and a little bit of aahh, now I get it. With four defensive teams scoring zero or negative points for the week, it was a week to take your lessons and move on. Anyway, this is one of the lesson to be learned, sometimes matchups are useless.

For instance (and yes this is personal) the Atlanta Falcons are currently taking defensive cues from head coach and seemingly defensive guru Dan Quinn. The Falcons were going against the Tennessee Titans, whose quarterback had been sacked 16 times…NINE by one team. So yeah, it’s a no brainer to stream the Falcons…right?

No…was not. So you see a bad defense is a bad defense, no matter who the match up is (with the exception of maybe Miami).

So who should we stream this week?

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets:

I wish this was about the Eagles, but they are mediocre at best so far this year. So it isn’t.

The Jets have given up double-digit fantasy points every time they have taken the field this year. Statistically speaking, that is giving up the third most fantasy points per game to opposing defenses.

I know what I said, but the Eagles aren’t a bad defense. They have been mediocre. This match-up should push them up a notch to almost good.

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills:

I will let you in on a little secret…the Titans defense is pretty…pretty…good. has them as the third best defense in the league. They have 13 sacks, four interceptions, two fumble recoveries, one defensive touchdown and one safety.

They are going to be going against Josh Allen, if he gets out of concussion protocol, or Matt Barkley. Between the two last week, that was good enough for four interceptions. To add to that, the Bills’ offense gives up the seventh most fantasy points to opposing defenses and you have a fantasy streamer must have.

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans:

Yeah, I see it. But this game has the lowest over/under of any game this week at 38.5. Not to mention only the number one defense, the New England Patriots, have given up fewer yards per game than the Bills.

And you know what they did last week to Tom Brady and the Patriots, holding Brady to 150 passing yard. The only touchdown the Patriots scored was on a blocked punt.

For all your stat heads, the Buffalo defense is second in total yards allowed, fourth in passing yards given up and seventh in rushing yards yielded for the season.

Keep in mind Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins on a bye week.

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