NFL 2019 Fantasy Football Week 3 Defenses: The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Oh how I have missed you…it seems forever and in the NFL one week is forever. I mean who knew that Daniel Jones, Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Allen would be the quarterbacks we are talking about…in a good way! Yet which defenses are we talking about for all the right and wrong reasons.


There was a lot of good…okay some good. You are going to be dazzled by the performance of the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, as you should. Did I mention that we are talking about the Bears defense?

There were the three interceptions, one returned for touchdown. There were the four sacks, and of course the three fumbles, two of which resulted in turnovers. So much goodness for the Bears defense so much turmoil for Washington’s offense.

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BUT I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the NINE sacks the Sacksonville Jaguars produced on their Thursday night game against the Tennessee Titans.

The good was definitely being bookended by dominant defenses for our week three football experience.


So Vic Fangio is the head coach of the Denver Broncos. A Broncos team that has both Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in the fold. It was a match that was made in football defensive heaven.

Or is it the “Good Place” (final season you should be watching)? Because as of right now this magical match has produced not one turnover…not one sack. This Broncos team is the first team since 1982 to have three straight games with ZERO sacks and ZERO turnovers.

That’s bad.


Don’t get me wrong, Daniel Jones played well Sunday. But come on…the parting of the orange sea by Tampa Bay to allow him to run in for a touchdown, was fugly.

Fourth down run to tie the game in the fourth quarter!!! It only got uglier from there, with head coach Bruce Arians allowing team to take a delay of game penalty to make the kick easier? WTF? Further distance makes it an easier kick? COME ON!


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