Monday Night Fight Metrics

Monday Night Fight Metrics

  • Monday Night Fight Metrics.  I will combine all my tools to view the Monday Night Games. – Vegas, Defense Against the Position and My Rankings. 
  • I think understanding the landscape metrics gives players a way to get a reference forecast for final decisions.
  • Do not use players because that are on highly rated TV times (See Thursday, Sunday Night and Monday Night). Use players that make sense and might shine under the spotlight.

All in One Rankings

Welcome to the Week 1 2019 Season and Monday Night Fight Metrics using my ALL in ONE (AIO) rankings analysis. I have gathered using meta-data processes PPR, NON-PPR, and Half PPR rankings. I placed all these rankings into the same numerical scale of 100 to 0 (best to worst). This normalization allows us to build landscape views of Teams, Positions, and Players.

Vegas Information

Sunday Night Fight Metrics Vegas information. I use consists of game point totals as well as the points spread. There is evidence that total game points does correlate with passing yards, game touchdowns, as well as QB Fantasy Points. I can currently modeling the Vegas metrics and hope to a full analysis in my 2020 textbook.

This year I will view the games in terms of high passing, mid-level, and low levels of passing. Games with high predicted Vegas total game points should be full of passing PPR goodness while low predicted Vegas total game points not so much.

Defense Against the Position

Sunday Night Fight Metrics Vegas information. Earlier this year, I published articles using the 2018 defense against the position (DAP) metrics. High DAP suggests an easy game script for that position. I use to set lineups and focus on the tougher Flex positions. Low DAP implies a tough game for that position’s players.

NO vs HOU Monday Night Fight Metrics

  • NO is favored at home over HOU by 7 points
  • The game is predicted to be high scoring at 53 game total points. 
  • Expect High Passing Shoot-out
  • NO goes into this game facing a tough HOU Defense in rushing and passes except the TE
  • HOU faces an easy passing defense from NO but a tough rushing defense. 



Brees gets an average game (88) and should score 3 TDs. The NO WRs face a -1.2 DAP slightly tough. Thomas at 98 is expected to collect 1 to 2 of those. Solid play. The others are hit or miss. Ginn or Smith can surprise. J Cook can collect as a red-zone goto guy! TEs get a +3.9 TE DAP. Cook might catch fire tonight. The RBs fight a -3.2 RB DAP. Kamara collects by pass-catching and is ranked at 98! Hard to support Murray but even he could pound in from the red-zone. 



I suspect that Watson will be passing all night long. Ranked at 99 he gets the spotlight in a shoot-out. Expect him to get 3 to 4 TDs getting a +3.6 QB DAP. The WRs can get 2 to 3 of those scores. D HOP is at 100 rankings and can get 2 TDs. The other WRs all have the possibility to score as well. Fuller (76)>Coutee (54)>Stills (47). Stills should need time to get up to speed but I drafted him hard this year.

The HOU TE Thomas is weakly ranked at 8 and fights into a -2.9 TE DAP. The 2 new RBs are going to play hard but get a tough NO RB DAP of -4.9. Johnson (73) has a better scoring chance by the passing route. Hyde (39) is a fade for me until I see the usages. Do not drop Hyde/Duke as they could be victims of the tough NO Defense.

DEN vs OAK Monday Night Fight Metrics

  • DEN is favored on the road by 2 points. (The data below is before the Brown situation)
  • Low scoring of 43 predicted. Low Passing More Rushing?
  • DEN gets an easy game in rushing and passing. Seems on paper to be able to crush OAK
  • OAK gets a tough defense in rushing and passing from DEN.



Flacco is a game manager and this game plays to that. He is ranked 23 but that is a very fluid ranking. He fights into +1.6 QB DAP. His WR do get a slight tough game but his 3 WRs all can score for him. Good for the Team bad for Fantasy Players. Sutton/Sanders (60) and Hamilton (41). Hard to predict the right WR tonight. I pick up Sanders in drafts for his price.

Fant the TE gets a nice +2.6 TE DAP and usually, rookie TEs are not strong early on. He has the talent and could be a gamble if you need a play tonight. Lindsay at 74 can collect a score vs a +0.7 RB DAP. Freeman 63 is also in the mix for a score and he could be the focus if the OAK team destructs tonight.




Oak could wilt tonight in the glare of the spotlight. Their game seems to depend on outside factors and how the team handles it. Carr is ranked a 35 and is considered a weaker play vs a -1.2 QB DAP.  The RBs can propel the team if Jacobs shines at 71 vs -0.2 RB DAP. However, Richards could be the focus if the game gets out of hand.

Waller is the wise-guy draft and expectations are high but I rank him at a below-average of 45 vs a +1.1 TE DAP. His game seems to depend on Carr and how he is doing. We need clarity.

T Will at 52 is expected to carry the load. Seems too much for high expectations given that Brown is gone! FYI folks are stock-piling Renfrow for later in the season.


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