2019 Fantasy Football RB Rankings and Tiers

Ezekiel Elliott

My 2019 Fantasy Football RB rankings and tiers should be used a guide to help make those tough decisions. My QB and TE rankings and tiers can also be found on Fake Pigskin.

For my running back rankings, I adjusted some players based upon expectations. For example, I kept Ezekiel Elliott in the top spot because I expect him to be suited up by Week 1 or 2. If you want to select the other three RBs in tier 1, I don’t blame you one bit.

For Melvin Gordon, I have a little more pessimism. The Chargers are in a better spot to be patient with Justin Jackson and Austin Ekeler in the fold. They also have an ownership group that has shown the willingness to be more stubborn.

For these rankings I used 1/2 point PPR scoring. Disagree with my rankings? Fantastic, hit me on Twitter and I’d be happy to debate some names.


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