NFL 2018: Week 6 the Good, the Bad and the Fugly! Spoiler Alert Cincinnati Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict makes the list!

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It is week 7 and well…besides my fantasy football team, there really wasn’t much that was fugly.  Or was there?  It is the NFL people, of course there was fugly, bad and good.

The Fugly

All cards on the table, I am an ardent Pittsburgh Steelers fan, have been all my life.  So perhaps this has a little bias behind it…but Vontaze Burfict…really?  A year after Ryan Shazier returns walking onto the field where he suffered the gruesome injury….Burfict…seriously?

Yes, I understand that football is supposed to be a contact sport.  And okay, some of the contact has been taken out to the chagrin of most serious football fans and all defensive players.  But Burfict…come on man.

It is reported that after a serious hit on Antonio Brown, Burfict line-up pointed to Ju Ju Smith Schuster, and said “You’re next”.  Now there is no audio of the instance.  And Burfict has not replied.  But the video shows him pointing to Smith-Schuster, and with his dubious history, one is inclined to believe the story.

Now, I reiterate, intimidation is just part of the game.  But trying to physically harm and remove a man from his ability to provide for his family, that is just fugly…wrong, and so unnecessary.

But should we really expect discipline or civility from the Marvin Lewis’ led Cincinnati Bengals?  Probably not.  Fugly.


The Bad

You know the saying, when it’s good…it’s good.  When it’s bad…someone gets fired.  Hello…good-bye Mike Smith.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have parted ways with defensive coordinator Mike Smith.

Why?  Well, before their bye against the Chicago Bears, the Buccaneers’ defense allowed quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to throw six touchdown passes in a 48-10 spanking.  That includes him passing for 354 yards, while the defense only managed to sack him once!  Should I even mention the week before against a winless Arizona Cardinals team, where Trubisky passed for zero touchdowns, one interception and was sacked three times?  Nah…probably not.

And after the bye?  The Buccaneers’ defense laid down against the Atlanta Falcons (the same Falcons Smith used to head coach) to the tune of 416 yards.  It also allowed the Falcons to go 3-for-3 in the red zone.  While quarterback Matt Ryan lit them up for 354 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions.

In six weeks, the Buccaneers’ defense ranks last in points per game, last in passing yards per game, last in red zone touchdown percentage, and last in opponent quarterback ratings.

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So when you want to talk about bad defenses, look no further.  Smith is gone, but the players remain.  Smith wasn’t playing on the field, the players were/are.  Will it get better now that the man in charge is gone, but the same players remain?  We shall see.  But right now.  It’s bad.


The Good

There were a lot of good IDP players during week 6:

Anthony Hitchens collected 14 tackles in the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the New England Patriots Sunday night.

Rookie Bradly Chubb went bezerk on the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive line, sacking Jared Goff three times in a loss. Baltimore’s  Za’Darius Smith was not to be outdone in the Ravens’ decisive victory over the Tennessee Titans, himself collecting three sacks.  Oh by the way, not for nothing, but Titans’ quarterback Marcus Mariota was sacked 11 times during that game.  That’s both good, bad, and fugly all rolled into one.

As far as interceptions, both Chicago Bears Kyle Fuller and Los Angeles Chargers, Desmond King went for two each in their respective games.  Fuller was on the wrong side of winning, while King and the Chargers flew home with a win.

To make it all make sense…Ryan Shazier walking back into Cincinnati Bengals stadium a year after his accident, that was real good.  Fantasy good.  Reality good.  Just plain good.

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Ryan Shazier walking back onto Bengals stadium a year after his injury…just plain good. #Shabelieve


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