Fantasy Baseball: Roto second base rankings

The roto second base rankings make for interesting reading because for fantasy purposes this is a really weird position. It is shallow and deep in its own way at the same time which doesn’t make sense but it kind of works. There is a top seven who all feel like they are light years ahead of the rest of the position and then there is a group of 18 who I could talk myself into starting in a roto league. Beyond that there is even another handful of guys I could start in really deep leagues or in situations where the position hasn’t fallen right for me to pick up a guy in the draft. This position perhaps more than any other has given me headaches when putting together the rankings simply because trying to work out how I want to approach a group with two big tiers that break down into lots of smaller ones.


Jose Altuve stands head and shoulders above the rest of the position and then there are two exciting young players heading up a group of six options who you would feel super happy to own. DJ LeMahieu offers an enigma all unto himself because he offers elite average and runs scored potential but diddly squat all else at the other three categories. Where you go after that depends on what you are looking for because this position can offer you both speed and power with the odd good batting average guy sprinkled in. We have young guys like Yoan Moncada and older guys like Ian Kinsler who all offer potential upside. There is a tier full of potentially useful steals guys but all having playing time or performance concerns which in an environment with limited speed like we currently have in the MLB is super frustrating.


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