Asylum Fantasy Sports Show 330- I Got Todd Gurley’d

2018 is on the horizon and the Asylum is here to celebrate with you. Join Fleeger and Briggs as they break down all of the championship week action with fantasy football headlines, game balls and smelly socks, and our Week 16 takeaways. Listen in as Fleeger and Briggs discuss the historic playoff run of Todd Gurley, the amazing career of Larry Fitzgerald, and the rise of Jimmy G in San Francisco. Check out another week of trying to understand the NFL replay system and if there is a subtle agenda in the NFL. We also discuss, gasp, declining beer sales, and prepare for the final week of the Asylum pick ‘em challenge. Also, true Asylumites will want to listen to the end of the show as we make a special announcement regarding the future of the show. Spread the word and Happy New Year from the Asylum! Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher. Look for all new episodes of The Asylum each Thursday. Trade questions, lineup questions, starts and sits are part of each and every week of your visit into The Asylum. Fleeger and Briggs have you covered all year long! Don’t miss a thing folks!


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