2QB Big Board: Round 1 – 6 Preview

T Brady, A Luck

I started this project after I’ve written my Building Big Board series together with @LakeTwoQBs. This is my 2QB Big Board preview. As I move closer to my draft, I will be updating the board as I go. I will attempt to show why I like using a big board over ranking system. The main idea behind big board is the visual concept mapping of players. This big board allows for dynamic and flexibility that I don’t find from a static and linear ranking system. Let me walk you through the idea

League scoring:
– passing TD = 6 pts
– non PPR
– 2QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex

Let’s start with the first 2 rounds.

Round 1 and 2

Round 1 and 2

I’d skip the whole tiering phase, but if you want to find out more, you can read it here.

The first thing you may notice is that there are more than 12 names in the 1st round. Just because 12 players are selected, it does not mean that there are only twelve 1st round talents. For me, the top 15-20 picks are loaded, and this makes me want draft closer towards the end of the round rather than the beginning. Sometimes I have no choice about our draft spot, so this big board helps me prepare for both situations. In the first round, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are the no brainers, I’ve also slotted Russel Wilson closer to the tail end of the round, because he’s usually the 3rd QB to be taken. However, I would only consider him at the tail end of the 1st if he’s still available (so, I might consider him 10th to 12th pick the earliest I’ll ever take him). At the same time, from the slotting, you can also tell that I won’t take him ahead of the other 11 others I have above him. You may think to yourself, “that’s absurd, why the hell would this fella even put him in the 1st round then along with 2 more names?” Well, you see Mr./Ms. Random Person, I still think Russel Wilson is a 1st round talent, but if for some unexpected circumstances he wasn’t taken and someone else took some of my 2nd round talents in the first round, then I will be happy and consider myself ending up with two 1st round worthy talents on the comeback.

The Big Board helps you prepare for different scenarios, even the ones with 1 percent chance of happening.

Another observation is that you can tell I still value WRs a lot. I consider them ahead of some of the RB names. Additionally, sometimes you see names that are slotted right next to each other (e.g. OBJ/Gronk; Wilson/Forte; DeMurray/AJG). This means that I value these players not only in the same tier, but value them equally. While it doesn’t do much for you early on in the draft to have this many names on equal value, this equal slotting will become useful later in the draft as you are trying to read the flow of the draft. For example, I took Forte over Wilson, and AJG over Murray, and the draft progresses when other players have equal slotting, I would take the position of need. In this example, I will look for RBs and QB later on.

Round 3 and 4

It is not unusual for me to expect a large chunk of the Tier 2/3 QBs to be taken in the 2nd –  4th round. If I passed up on QBs in round 1 and 2, this is a good time to take one of the remaining top end QBs if you so choose to. As you can tell, I am still very much a WR guy, despite the position being very deep. Innately, I would punt on this volatile position as I have incorporated @FF_Contrarian’s Antifragility mindset. Even in a Non-PPR league, I would rather gamble with some of the lower tier RBs and rotate (or Fantasy Slang: Stream), until I find someone I can slot in full-time or continue rotating.

Note, this should bring up the idea how you can structure your own big board with some sort of your favorite strategy. Whether it is LateRoundQB, Zero-RB/Upside-Down drafting, or Streaming TE.

*Update: I haven’t moved Joique and Kelce down yet at the time of making this big board*

Round 5 and 6

As you can tell by now, I’m a bit partial to gambling upside over high floor. The bottom line in using a Big Board is slotting players in the round that you believe is the earliest you’ll take such player. For example, when your draft has reached round 6, but there are still some players you have rated higher in round 5 you get to choose whether to you want to pick up the players in round 5 or take the guy you want to reach for in round 6. This is all situation dependent, as you may want to reach for a position or sleeper you want. My personal rule of thumb is to not reach more than twice in a 15-man roster. Just remember why you slotted these players in the spot in the first place.


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