Angle of Pursuit: Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Matt Jones – University of Florida

Height: 6’2″    Weight: 232

Comp: LenDale White

Dennis’ Scouting Notes


  • A strong runner who has decent power
  • Very nimble for a big man
  • Has nice power
  • Very good at the second level


  • Part time player at Florida who never amassed more than 166 carries
  • He showed some hesitation at the line
  • Does he have enough speed and athleticism to succeed at the next level

Dennis Digs Deeper

Matt Jones fits more of a power scheme rather than a zone scheme where he has to make quick decisions. That always a concern for me, see Trent Richardson

Kyle’s Instant Evaluation

Matt Jones is a player a like quite a bit. Granted, I see him as more of a guy who shares carries and not a work horse back, but that is a direction the NFL continues to head. He is a big, physical back that will create the contact. He can be the thunder to another running backs lightning. I use the LenDale White comparison for Jones. Think the productive version that paired extremely well with Chris Johnson in Tennessee.

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