NBA Daily Fantasy Playbook — 04/07/2015

Hassan Whiteside

Just because baseball season has started doesn’t mean basketball season has stopped.  Tuesday has another slate of NBA Daily Fantasy goodness.  6 interesting games with all sorts of outcomes possible.  Not a lot of time today so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Let’s go win some money.

Point Guard–
Ray McCallum – Sacramento Kings – $4,600
– McCallum has been hit or miss for most of the season, due mainly to Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins controlling the ball and most of the offense going through them. Since Gay went out with the concussion, all of the attention has been on Boogie while McCallum has been quietly solid for the Kings.

He’s not going to be Westbrook and score 80FP but for $4,600 you don’t need him to be. He’s averaging 26.75FP in his last 4 games which is just below what value would be for tonight BUT he gets the Minnesota Timberwolves who are 19th in FPPGA over the last 3 weeks. If you don’t want to spend on the PG spot tonight, McCallum should be on your radar.

*If Rudy Gay plays I am off of McCallum completely

other plays: Goran Dragic [$6,600], Chris Paul [$9,800], Kemba Walker [$7,800], Russell Westbrook [$11,800]

Shooting Guard–
Danny Green – San Antonio Spurs – $5,400
– After a couple of VERY disappointing games due mainly to Popovich being Popovich, Danny Green went back to his normal self. He’s shot 10/16 from 3 in his last 2 games on his way to an average of 33.625FPPG.

Green is mainly just a scorer but when he starts filling in the other stats, he cruises to a big night. In tonight’s game versus the Thunder, the Spurs may have to speed up a bit to keep pace. His price went down a bit after those 2 rest games and hasn’t quite come back up since. A lot of the attention for SG will be on the usual Bledsoe, Wade, Thompson, etc so Green represents a nice safe, possibly contrarian play.

other plays: Eric Bledsoe [$7,600], Dwayne Wade [$6,800], JJ Redick [$6,400], Kevin Martin [$6,000]

Small Forward–
Matt Barnes – Los Angeles Clippers – $4,900 – GPP
– While Barnes wasn’t too hot the other night versus the Lakers, he gets a chance to redeem himself in the great matchup. The Lakers rank 26th over the last 3 weeks against small forwards and in their last 10 games, they’re 27th in efficiency to the position.

The pace of the game should be pretty quick and that will only help Barnes. I can’t stress enough how much risk there is if you use him for yor cash games. While he is under $5,000, he’s just not consistent enough to bank on those 30FP in what’s supposed to be a “safe” lineup.

other plays: Kawhi Leonard [$7,800], Andrew Wiggins [$6,800], Marcus P.J. Tucker [$5,000], Jeff Taylor [$3,000], Omri Casspi [$4,500]

Power Forward–
Markieff Morris – Phoenix Suns – $6,000
– I’m not really concerned about who’s guarding Morris but with Millsap out, he won’t have to work as hard on defense. Hopefully leads to more energy on offense. I’m not usually a big Markieff fan but this is a rare night where I don’t love the PF spot on DraftKings. His up and down play over the last few games has resulted in a bit of a discount.

If you’re into the whole “performance vs opponent history” argument, Markieff scored 48.3FP in his only game against Atlanta this season. Now while that score is inflated a bit by 5 steals (4 above his average), he still ended that game with 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists, which is nothing to get disappointed about. The thing about the PF spot tonight is you either have to pay for Brow, go midrange for Keiff (maybe Duncan) or punt. The options just aren’t there so it’s best to just stay safe and not get too cute.

other plays: Anthony Davis [$11,200], Tim Duncan [$6,400 – check status], Marvin Williams [$5,400], Udonis Haslem [$4,500 – if Whiteside/Anderson are out – GPP], Jason Thompson [$3,600 – GPP], Brandan Wright [$5,200]
Hassan Whiteside – Miami Heat – $7,100 [check injury status] – GPP
– The obvious spot for center tonight is Cousins and everyone is going to talk about him so I’ll go a different direction.

If Whiteside plays, I love the matchup for him. Al Jefferson I believe is unlikely to play so Whiteside won’t have to guard him. He’d have to guard Bismack Biyombo instead, who has NO offense. Having said that however, Biyombo is a very good rebounder and capable defender so Whiteside will have to get a lot of his FP from rebounds and blocks.

Whiteside is still dealing with a hand injury so keep an eye out for any reports about his status. Miami is clinging to a playoff spot so they NEED Whiteside.

other plays: DeMarcus Cousins [$10,300], Al Horford [$6,000 – check status], Aaron Baynes [$3,300], Andrew Bogut [$4,800 – GPP]


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