NBA Daily Fantasy Playbook – 3/11

Damian Lillard

Well after totally blanking on this playbook last week, which is like missing a wide open dunk, I’m back to help guide you through your picks tonight! Did everyone miss me? You can put out all the fires and stop the riot now, it’s time to make some picks. Can we just pick Russell Westbrook for every position?


Damian Lillard – $8,700

Okay Westbrook is so obvious tonight but it’s not even worth talking about. If you rather not spend your budget on that crazy high price tag, then take a look at some other options. Another guy who has been on a quiet tear lately has been Lillard. With Wes Matthews out for the season, it appears Lillard has stepped his game up a bit. His last game out he dropped 32/7/8 and even on some nights where his shot isn’t falling, he continues to bring value in other categories such as rebounding, which has increased these past couple of weeks. Another option tonight is Chris Paul, the Thunder’s defensive rating against opponent backcourts is pretty poor and Paul is no slouch either.

J.J. Redick – $5,600

In case you decide a lot of your budget up in Westbrook tonight, you’re going to need some cheaper options that won’t kill you. In his past six games, Redick has topped 18+ points in five of the contests. He’s shooting at a high clip, makes multiple 3’s a game and will be in a scoring affair with the Thunder tonight. He won’t bring much outside of shooting, lucky to get 5 rebounds out of him but he’s a very safe play tonight.


Zach Randolph – $8,000

With his inconsistent play lately, Randolph actually presents a bit of value now. After being relatively shut down by Anthony Davis and the Pelicans his last game out, he may have a bit of pent up frustration and could take it out on the Celtics. In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, the Celtics don’t exactly have a stout of an interior defense.  Bonus play tonight is Jeff Green going against his former team. Even though he hasn’t been the most exciting play, I expect a bump in his production tonight.

Kenneth Faried – $6,400

Last time I picked Faried he burned me, but with no Jusuf Nurkic tonight, he’s in line for big minutes and production. Since the beginning of the month he’s been good for a double-double nearly every night and brings solid numbers in the Steals and Blocks department. He’s actually making shots right now so as long as that keeps happening, he needs to be in your line up.


Al Horford – $8,100

Like mentioned just above, no Nurkic tonight. With the future shoot out waiting to happen, that means Horford should have plenty of opportunities to post big numbers in the points and rebounds categories. Marc Gasol and Brook Lopez are two other good plays tonight at a cheaper price tag, so keep that in mind as well.


As usual the player prices are from FanDuel. May the basketball gods be in your favor tonight.


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