Daily Fantasy NBA Playbook: 2/25

Chris Paul

What a fun year for Winter weather. The guys on the Eastern Seaboard are still digging themselves out of snow, which may take forever after the amount they received. There is even some snow and ice and Texas and of course in the South, where we worry more about icy roads than a little about of snow. So of course it’s chaos. So to warm us up, let’s take a look at some hot picks for tonight (ugh such a bad joke).


Chris Paul – $10,000

Hardly ever do I select the players that cost 10 grand or more but Paul has been on fire since Griffin has been out. In this 6 game stretch Paul is averaging 19.5 points, 12.2 assists, 5 rebounds, 1.7 steals, 50% shooting, and getting plenty of minutes at nearly 38 per game. Tonight the Clippers will be shooting it out with the Rockets, I like.

Mo Williams – $5,400

The former Alabama great has made himself at home in Charlotte. In his 2 games so far with the Hornets he’s averaging 23 points, 7.5 assits, 2 steals, 4 3-pointers made, 18.5 shot attempts, and a very welcoming 38 minutes per game. So he’s getting plenty of minutes, plenty of offensive opportunities, and is still distributing the ball efficiently at a high rate. He’s going to be a good play for as long as Kemba Walker is out. Williams also faces off against the Rose-less Bulls tonight.


Terrence Jones – $5,600

I have two high value Forwards for you tonight. The first is Terrence Jones, who is more than benefiting from the Dwight Howard injury. Jones is averaging 11/11 and 3 blocks per game since the All-Star break. Problem is, he’s only shooting 28%. That can be looked as a “half glass full” approach as well. If he’s already averaging 11/11, what will he do when his offensive game becomes more efficient? Banking on Jones against the Clippers tonight.

Brandon Bass – $5,000

I’m all about that Bass (ugh again sorry) tonight against the lowly Knicks. Let’s not forget Kelly Olynyk is still out and Jared Sullinger is out for the year. Bass puts up a pretty average stat line usually but the chances of a bigger box score go way up with less quality players in the rotation. With a match up with the Knicks, I would imagine he’s in line for a big game tonight.


Rudy Gobert – $5,900

So outside of Paul tonight, we’ve had players listed under the average cost per player tonight, which is $6,667. We might as well finish that trend up with another player in Gobert. He doesn’t get a whole lot of points but he’s a rebounding and shot blocking machine. Tonight he gets the Lakers, another favorable match up on this list. We know he’ll put up the boards and blocks, this pick is in hope of a points outburst against another bottom dweller.

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