Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook – 1/22

Damian Lillard

Light night of hoops tonight in daily fantasy basketball. I’ll make this quick and to the point with only four games. All my prices are according to DraftKings. Good luck!


Point Guard

Damian Lillard ($9,400) – No LaMarcus Aldridge means big things for Lillard. He will have Avery Bradley on him, but he is athletic enough to put up points quick off the dribble. I’m really high on him and he’s easily my play tonight at the position.

Marcus Smart – ($4,400) – Smart has really come on lately, and the Celtics will need him big time tonight to keep up with the fast pace Blazers. I think he’s severely under priced and will be in most of my lineups.


Shooting Guard

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($5,200) – I’m still never sure that I’m spelling that correctly but I almost have it committed to memory. That’s worth something in itself. Anyway, I’m not looking for the best player here; I’m looking for the safest. That’s the Greek freak tonight. He wont blow you out the water, but I know I’ll get around 25 fantasy points, which I will gladly take at this price.

Jimmy Butler ($7,900) – Hard to argue against him tonight with so little at the position. If you can get him into your lineup, then plug him in.


Small Forward

Nicolas Batum ($5,300) – Batum will need to be more consistent on the offensive end with Aldridge out. He should get plenty of opportunity tonight with Bradley guarding Lillard, and his price is very favorable to this matchup.

Dorrell Wright ($3,000) – I think he’ll get at least 20 minutes tonight, so it wont take much for him to out-produce his price tag to hit value. I’d like to get Batum in there, but he’s my guy if I’m looking to save some money.


Power Forward

Blake Griffin ($9,800) – Hard to argue with the matchup or the price tag really. He’s a monster and has a very favorable matchup. I’m paying up for him.

Jared Sullinger ($6,400) – I know a lot of people will be fading Sully in favor of Gibson, but Sullinger has been the more consistent guy. Remember, unless you’re playing tournaments, you want safe guys. Sully has a steady floor and higher upside than Gibson.



DeAndre Jordan ($7,800) – I’m only going Jordan if I don’t have Griffin in my lineup. Even then, it’s not the worst idea in the world to double up on Clippers tonight. If Mason Plumlee gets into foul trouble, which he has been, Jordan is going to have a monster night.

Rudy Gobert ($6,300)/Enes Kanter ($5,900)– Derrick Favors has been ruled out for tonight’s game so Gobert and Kanter are at full throttle tonight. I like Gobert’s upside more, but I like that Kanter is cheaper. Either way, both should have solid nights and it’s all a matter of whom you can fit into your lineup. If I had to pick one, I’d go Kanter because of the cheaper price tag.


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