Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook — 12/16

Russell Westbrook

What’s up everybody? Another night of Daily Fantasy Basketball action is here.  I’ve been ridiculously busy with work lately so I didn’t get too detailed with the info.  Give me like two weeks and everything will be back to normal.  With that said, on to the picks!

John Wall – $10,600 – Cash, GPP
– John Wall is the best point guard in the league. He scores, he gets assists, he gets steals, he gets rebounds.  He’s expensive and rightfully so.  Before last game, he had gotten double-digit assists in seven straight games and in that last game, he had eight.  He’s about as steady as they come, pay up and collect your money at the end of the night.

Andrew Wiggins – $5,500 – GPP
– I honestly don’t even know who to play from Minnesota. They’re terrible.  The only one i’m willing to take a shot on is Andrew Wiggins who should draw Paul Pierce and his shaky old man defense.  Wiggins has flashed his potential more than once and tonight should be another chance to shine for the #1 pick.

Mario Chalmers – $5,400 – Cash (if Wade out), GPP (if Wade in)
– While Chalmers has been struggling lately, he seems to become a different player when Wade is out of the lineup.  In one game against Brooklyn this season, Chalmers went for 22 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds and no, Wade did not play in that game.

Kevin Garnett – $4,400 – GPP
– Miami is soft down low. No McRoberts, no Bosh, no Brook Lopez.  You can take a flyer on Teletovic if you wish but I’ll take KG.  Even being older, he should be able to hit value versus guys like Shawne Williams and Justin Hamilton.

Tyson Chandler – $7,300 – Cash, GPP
– So incase you might have forgotten, Chandler pulled down 25 rebounds last time versus the Knicks.  The Knicks are still horrible and haven’t gotten any better.  Chandler should have no problem doing whatever he wants in the pain.

Jose Calderon – $4,600 – GPP
– Calderon has had some solid games lately being around at least 25 fantasy points in 3 of 4 games.  With JR Smith missing time, Carmelo still a little banged up, Calderon should be called upon to help out with the scoring.  The Mavericks are not great against point guards, allowing Calderon to be a sneaky play.

Draymond Green – $6,500 – Cash, GPP
– Green has been a beast lately.  His ability to play all over the floor should help him still contribute against a very tough defense.  He can be a 5-category for you on any given night.  As long as David Lee is out, Draymond Green is a more than solid play.

Courtney Lee – $4,200 – GPP
– Coming off a great game vs. Philly on Saturday, I look for Lee to keep it up against Golden State.  His consistency is a little worrisome and scares me away from cash games.  He’s scored in double-digits in 3 of his last 4 games.  He’s getting the minutes so the opportunity is definitely there.

Rudy Gobert – $5,000 – GPP – SUPER CONTRARIAN
– I REALLY wanted to write this big thing about Gobert but it looks like Favors is back so Gobert goes back to the bench.  You can still take a shot if you want but it’s a BIG BIG BIG risk.  His minutes have been very erratic all season, coming off the bench, but his per 36 numbers are very good.  He probably won’t get you a goose egg but for $5,000, you can find better upside.

Tyreke Evans – $8,600 – GPP
– Evans has had two HUGE games in a row.  With Anthony Davis back in the lineup, a lot of the weight will be off of Tyreke’s shoulders.  It doesn’t mean he turns into a bad play but now his ceiling is capped.  I don’t think his ceiling is high enough tonight to warrant his price for cash games.  Only 27 fantasy points in his only outing versus Utah this year.  He’s especially worth the risk if you’re rolling out multiple lineups.

Russell Westbrook – $11,000 – Cash, GPP
– I’m not really sure who can stop Westbrook anymore.  The guy has been an absolute beast.  Now, even with a protective guard on his hand, he’s playing unbelievably.  I think all of the talk about OKC not making the playoffs has gotten to him and he is playing angry.  He seems dead set on getting this team to the playoffs and his tear through the league should continue with no problems tonight versus Sacramento.

Rudy Gay – $9,300 – Cash, GPP
– I feel like every time I do a write-up, the Kings are playing and Cousins isn’t.  It stinks because I really like Cousins.  All of that aside, Boogie being out means it’s Rudy’s team.  While having some UGLY shooting games lately, he’s still hitting right around value.  With Cousins out especially, he’s going to keep shooting so if the shots start falling the building blocks for a HUGE night will be set.


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