NBA Daily Fantasy Playbook — 12/02/14

Andre Drummond


What’s up guys? It’s the Daily Fantasy Playbook for Tuesday’s NBA action!  10 big games tonight and as always I covered 1 guy from each team that I like for tonight, whether it be for cash games or GPPs…or both!  Lots of guys playing statuses are up in the air for tonight so make sure everyone you want to roster IS playing.  I tried to give a mix of each position and tried to not just go with obvious plays.  As alway, good luck and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to hit me up on Twitter (@brianjodoin), I’ll do my best to answer all 3 questions you might have.  Enough of me yapping, onto the picks for tonight!
*All prices given are on DraftKings

Giannis Antetokounmpo – $5,800 – GPPs
-His last 3 games have been great especially the most recent versus Houston. As you all know, Cleveland is BAD on defense. I expect this game’s pace to be rockin’ and that should allow Giannis to shine. He’s going to give you a little bit of everything, but his shot isn’t always dropping. He’s more of a GPP play for me but I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you put him in your cash games to save some coin for LBJ/Davis.

LeBron James – $11,600 – Cash & GPPs
-So LeBron is LeBron again. He’s super expensive but in my opinion, on a nightly basis there is NO ONE (Brow included) with a higher possible ceiling than LeBron James. You’re looking for at least 60 points for him to meet value but he’s just missed 60 in 2 of his last 4 games. He’s one of, if not the safest play in NBA DFS. You’re basically going to have to choose between him and Anthony Davis tonight (if you find a way to fit both please share with me). Even though the Bucks haven’t been horrible on D this year, the matchup for LeBron (rookie Jabari Parker) is better than Davis’ matchup (Serge Ibaka). I’m on Team LeBron tonight.

Brook Lopez – $6,800 – Cash & GPPs
-Lopez seems to struggle vs good teams (recently Chicago & San Antonio) and feast on bad teams (recently Philadelphia & Oklahoma City). Tonight he’s got the Knicks and while Dalembert isn’t horrible, he’s not stopping Brook Lopez. A double-double is definitely possible and on a night where center is kind of iffy, Lopez is a great play at a lower price.

Carmelo Anthony – $9,600 – Cash & GPPs
-As I write this, there’s some talk that he may not play so definitely keep an eye for any news regarding Melo. He took Monday off to rest, but he did miss two games with back spasms so just have a backup plan ready if you really want to roster Melo. Right now he’s expected to play and Melo is a really safe play if you don’t want to pay for LeBron. Averaging 23 & 7 over the last ten days and averaging 7 more fantasy points at home than on the road, it’s all lining up for Carmelo to have a big night.

Jared Sullinger – $7,100 – Cash & GPPs
-Sullinger is a sneaky play tonight as all of the attention at PF will be on the usual suspects (Davis, Aldridge, Love, Millsap, Gasol, Dirk). This is a guy who managed 31 fantasy points against Memphis and 42.5 against Chicago. His most recent game versus San Antonio was the first time this season he didn’t score in double-digits. Atlanta is giving up the 10th most fantasy points to the PF spot this season. This is a great spot for Sullinger to rebound from the Spurs game and if you don’t want to play any of the expensive guys.

Paul Millsap – $8,900 – Cash & GPPs
-Boston gives up the most points to the PF spot. Paul Millsap has been one of the most consistent performers this season. Sometimes the most obvious plays are actually the right plays. No need to overthink this. Taking price into account, Paul Millsap is my #1 play at PF tonight. He’s going to get you a double-double or at least VERY close to it. With Boston’s backcourt shutting down Teague & Korver, it will fall on Millsap to carry the load on offense. He will answer the bell as he has done many times before.

Kentavius Caldwell-Pope – $4,400 – GPPs
-Boom or bust. If there’s ever a time to take a shot on KCP, it’s tonight. Coming off of 2 solid games against Golden State and Milwaukee, he gets a wonderful matchup with the Lakers. You cannot trust him in your cash games but he should be in your GPP lineup (or at least 1 if you’re doing multiple). He can catch fire at any time and the Lakers are bad.

Andre Drummond – $7,900 – GPP
-You have no idea how badly I want to put Drummond as a cash game play too. He has had trouble with fouls this season which makes him untrustworthy. Flashing that 20/20 upside we all know he has, Drummond destroyed the Bucks last week. Then, in true Drummond fashion, followed it up with a complete dud against the Warriors. I like Drummond’s chances to stay out of foul trouble as Hill isn’t much of an offensive threat, but the chances of it happening are real. This is one of those games that just makes me nervous. He’s just as likely to get you 25/15 as he is 8/8. Fire him up but be ready for possible disappointment.

Dirk Nowitzki – $8,200 – Cash
-Dirk is going to be Dirk. The matchup with Chicago isn’t great but I still think he’ll get his. The matchup just caps his upside which is why I don’t like him in GPPs. Dirk didn’t play Saturday which means he should be well rested, having not played since Friday. If you ask me, there’s a reason Dallas sat Dirk versus Philly and it’s because of  this game. Even though it’s nonconference, it still feels like a big game. Dirk will be leaned on heavily to score points.

Derrick Rose – $5,900 – GPPs
-Watch Twitter and every news source you can because who knows if Rose will play. Rose at this price is a MUST PLAY for GPPs if you ask me. Dallas doesn’t have a guard to stop Rose’s explosiveness so if he does play, he should be able to do whatever he wants. Again, he could play and do NOTHING but he’s priced so low, you almost have to take the shot with him.

Russell Westbrook – $9,500 – Cash & GPPs
-Is Westbrook or is Westbrook back? Totaling 54.75 fantasy points on Friday vs the Knicks in JUST 24 MINUTES. Facing off against Holiday doesn’t scare me. Attacking Davis & Asik at the rim doesn’t scare me. Until Durant is back, Westbrook is near must play. Find a way to get him in your lineups with LeBron or Davis and count your money at the end of the night. You know what he’s capable of on any given night. I know the Knicks are really bad but Westbrook seems like he’s on a mission to dominate whenever he’s on the floor. Just play him.
***NOTE*** Durant is playing tonight, I am not sure how this will effect RW at first but I still like him a lot in this game

Omer Asik – $4,000 – GPPs
-My cheapest play of night is Asik. While he’s not known for any huge games, facing OKC should allow him to have a solid night. Opportunities for blocks should be there from the attacking Westbrook/Jackson. Adams & Perkins are okay but Asik should have no issues outrebounding them. I love Asik tonight for GPPs and saving some $$ to the fit a a couple of elites in your lineup.

Donald Sloan – $5,000 – GPPs
-The Pacers are a mess. Hibbert is expected to play but if he doesn’t, Sloan is the only one I trust to have a halfway decent game. I really recommend paying up for PG tonight but if you really want to go cheap, Sloan might be your best bet.

Gerald Green – $5,100 – GPPs
-Despite all the highlights on ESPN, Green is really hit or miss when it come to fantasy. He is capable of blowing up on any given night, especially if one of Dragic/Bledsoe/Thomas happen to miss a game. The Pacers starters are garbage which means their bench is even worse, allowing Green the opportunity to explode.

LaMarcus Aldridge – $9,300 – Cash & GPPs
-Being one of the most dependable players in the league comes with a hefty price tag. Aldridge has to be in consideration if you’re not going to pay for Davis. An absolute machine when it comes to putting up double-doubles and let’s face it, no one on Denver is going to stop him. This game will be high scoring and I find it very unlikely that Aldridge isn’t a big part of Portland’s offense tonight. Averaging 20 points and 8 rebounds in his last two games vs Denver, tonight should be more of the same while double-digit rebounds in his last 5 game tells me he will surpass that average tonight.

Ty Lawson – $9,000 – Cash & GPPs
-Playing Lawson while he was cheap was fun while it lasted, but his consistent and superb play has caused him to spike. Over 40 fantasy points in 6 out his last 10 games and averaging 45 versus Portland this year. With the news of Kevin Durant playing tonight, I think I actually like Lawson more than Westbrook tonight (but it’s oh so very close). I expect similar outputs so if I can save $500 i’ll save the cash. Damian Lillard is a great player but he is not known for defense at all. Lawson has smoked this opponent twice already this year (get it? smoked? in Denver? Never mind.) and there should be no reason why he doesn’t do it again on Tuesday.

Terrence Ross – $4,500 – GPPs
-With DeRozan out, everyone is going to be on Greivis Vasquez but not me. I like Terrence Ross to step up in DDR’s absence. On Sunday, the first game without DeRozan, Ross delivered with 20 points and 5 rebounds. He doesn’t always hit his shot which makes me stay away in cash games but for a GPP lineup, he’s as good of a contrarian play as anybody. In DFS, one of the goals is to be on a player a day early instead of a day late, meaning you want to take the chance when they’re cheap and when no one else plays them instead of after they have 4 big games and the price soars. Terrence Ross is that guy for me right now. Get him in before he blows up. It doesn’t hurt that he’ll be squared up against Rudy Gay, not exactly a shutdown defender by any means.

Rudy Gay – $7,600 – Cash & GPPs
-Gay missed two games, came back vs the Spurs on Friday and was surprisingly fantastic. The game versus Memphis was a little bit of a letdown, but it is Memphis after all. Keep an eye on news for DeMarcus Cousins, if he doesn’t play then Gay is near must play in my opinion. The ceiling might not be as high as LeBron or even Carmelo but at a nice discount, Rudy Gay is fully capable of coming close to them for WAY less. There is definitely some wiggle room tonight to fit an elite player or two, going Gay is just one way of getting there. (totally wrote it that way on accident but I’m leaving it so there)

Nicola Vucevic – $8,500 – Cash & GPPs
-Normally I’d probably stay away from Vuc tonight against Bogut but it’s very hard to find someone who’s been more consistent than him this season. Leading the league in double-doubles, he’s gone into some of the worst matchups and he’s delivered time and time again. Just last week (11/26) versus Golden State he went for 11 & 13, which I know doesn’t seem like a lot for his price, but on a night where center is a little iffy, it might be worth paying a little extra to be sure you get at least 30.

Shaun Livingston – $4,600 – GPPs
-News on Stephen Curry is a little shaky right now, he’s questionable but expected to play. If he doesn’t or you want to take a really big shot in the dark, Livingston could be a sneaky play. He should see extra minutes if Curry sits, possible extra to give Curry some rest, or maybe Curry plays and aggravates the injury and leaves the game. While last week versus Orlando Livingston did play 27 minutes and that was a bit odd, he did play 23 versus Detroit on Sunday. His minutes are going to be dictated by how Curry’s ankle holds up. It’s a risky play but I can’t help but think DraftKings’ algorithm found something in the numbers. He was minimum salary all last week, had a couple of okay games, nothing amazing but his price is up $1,600 from last week. It’s interesting and if I knew more about pricing I’d look more into it. Like I said, he’s risky but at this price I stay away UNLESS Curry is announced as 100% out tonight.


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