Fakepigskin Fantasy EPL ‘Draft’ Leagues



Welcome to the inaugural year of fakepigskin.com’s fantasy EPL leagues.


What makes your leagues so special I hear you ask?

Well here at fakepigsin we intend to add a twist to conventional fantasy EPL by incorporating a common feature in fantasy games of American sport, but something that is a rather foreign concept to British fantasy gamers: A DRAFT!!!

For many of you reading this, the concept of a draft is something you will have done before and be used to but for those who aren’t here are the basics:

  • Each team will take a turn to select a player who currently plays for an EPL team
  • Each player can only be drafted once
  • The selection order in the odd numbered rounds (1,3,5, etc.) will be reversed in the even numbered rounds

Here are the basic rules of the leagues:

  • Each league will consist of 8-12 teams
  • The league will be hosted on www.draftepl.com
  • Each game week two teams will play against each other with the team scoring the most points being the winner
  • If the scores are tied at the end of the game week then the result will be declared a tie
  • As per normal football scoring, the winner of each match shall receive 3 points the loser 0 and in the case of a tie both teams will receive 1 point.
  • Game weeks will run from 12:00am BST on Saturday until 11:59 BST Friday
  • Each team will draft 16 players
  • The draft will be a slow email draft with a time limit set by the league commissioner.
  • Of those 16, team owners must pick 11 players to start each week with 5 players on the bench
  • Each team will field a line-up of consisting  of one GK, three Defenders, three Midfielders, two Forwards and two Flex players (Defender/Midfielder/Forward)
  • Player eligibility will be determined by the host website
  • Free agent acquisitions will be restricted to 1 per game week during the season but during the real life transfer window (June-August & January) there can be unlimited transfers made
  • New players entered into the free agent pool (transfers into the league) can be claimed on a waiver wire system
  • Trading between teams is done via email to the whole league
  • Points scoring is as stipulated by the host website

If you are interested in entering the fakepigskin fantasy EPL ‘draft’ leagues then please contact myself either on twitter @brolfe1507 or by emailing [email protected]. Please include your name, preferred contact email address and twitter handle in any emails sent declaring interest. Any further questions then please use either contact method to ask those questions.




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