Premier League Injuries and Suspensions (Week 35)

There are just four game weeks left in fantasy EPL leagues and whether you are fighting for the glory and the bragging rights, trying to avoid the humiliation of finishing last, or just try to outdo one last colleague so you can hold your head a little higher in the office every point will be crucial. Trying to squeeze out every point isn’t just down to having the best 11 players, ensuring that you select 11 players that will play the maximum amount of time possible means more chances for those players to grab you those all important points. In order to do that you need to be on top of the latest premier league injuries and suspensions so you do not get a nasty surprise when you check your fantasy points Tuesday morning.

Before we get into the teams here are this week’s fixtures:

  • Tottenham vs Fulham                19.04.14 @ 7.45am ET (12.45pm GMT)
  • Aston Villa vs Southampton       19.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Cardiff City vs Stoke City          19.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Newcastle vs Swansea              19.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • West Ham vs Crystal Palace      19.04.14 @ 10.00am ET (3.00pm GMT)
  • Chelsea vs Sunderland              19.04.14 @ 12.30am ET (5.30pm GMT)
  • Norwich vs Liverpool                 20.04.14 @ 7.00am ET (12.00pm GMT)
  • Hull City vs Arsenal                   20.04.14 @ 9.05am ET (2.05pm GMT)
  • Everton vs Man United              20.04.14 @ 11.10am ET (4.10pm GMT)
  • Man City vs West Brom             21.04.14 @ 3.00pm ET (8.00pm GMT)


Arsenal Injuries            @ Hull City


Monreal (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Probably won’t play anyway with Gibbs fit.

Özil (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Potential to return a week early. I can see him coming on from the bench if he is fit so I probably wouldn’t want to own him this week.

Wilshere (Foot) 19.04.14: Should return this week but chances are it will be off the bench so I’m not sure I want to own him this week.

Gnabry (Knee) 75% chance of playing: I’m not sure they select him even if he is fit so I wouldn’t own him.

Walcott (Knee) Return unknown, Diaby (Knee) Return unknown, Miyachi (Hamstring) Return unknown: Out for the season. You shouldn’t own any.


Aston Villa Injuries      vs Southampton

Okore (Knee) Return unknown, N’Zogbia (Achilles) Return unknown, Kozak (Broken Leg), Return unknown: You’re not owning any of these three.

Bacuna (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Top scoring midfielder in fantasy so check back because he is a cheap option.

Herd (Personal) Return unknown: Barely been fantasy relevant when available anyway.

Gardner (Foot) 19.04.14: As above

Benteke (Achilles) Return unknown: You should have dropped him already but just to emphasise the point. OUT FOR THE SEASON!

Agbonlahor (Illness) 75% chance of playing: I would expect this to pass but check back just in case. A cheap option but there are probably better options out there for you.


Cardiff City Injuries      vs Stoke

Turner (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Barely scored enough points to make him fantasy relevant

John (Knock) 50% chance of playing: As above

Hudson (Hamstring) Return unknown: Hasn’t got double digit points this season. Do not own

Noone (Abdominal) Return unknown: 42 points isn’t good no matter how cheap he is

Jones (Knock) 50% chance of playing: Campbell is first choice even if Jones if fit.


Chelsea Injuries           vs Sunderland


Hazard (Calf) 50% chance of playing: Chelsea only has one injury right now but my word is it a big one. This is tough to judge right now so check back. They are unlikely to risk him with a run of Madrid, Liverpool, Madrid to come following this game.


Crystal Palace              @ West Ham

Bolassie (Knock) 75% chance of playing: This is his official listing but he is playing in the game going on at the time of writing this.

Dikgacoi (Knock) 75% chance of playing: In contrast to Bolassie he is missing the game going on now.  Neither are worth owning in my opinion.


Everton Injuries           vs Man United

Jagielka (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Missing tonight’s game but should be back for Saturday. It’s a tough match up to judge so check back for his status.

Pienaar (Knee) 19.04.14: Another man not playing tonight. Not really scored that well considering his price. My advice now is do not own him even if healthy.

Oviedo (Broken Leg) Return unknown, Gibson (Knee) Return unknown, Kone (Knee) Return unknown, Traore (Hamstring) Return unknown: None of these are really worth worrying about this week.


Fulham Injuries            @ Tottenham

Burn (Muscle) 12.04.14: Not sure there is much to say here as he has 8 fantasy points all year so even if healthy it is unlikely he features.

Holtby (Parent club) 26.04.14: Should be back next week but I wouldn’t own him even if he was playing.

Woodrow (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Not fantasy relevant anyway.

Duff (Knee) Return unknown: Drop.

Briggs (Hernia) Return unknown: Don’t own.


Hull City                       vs Arsenal

McGregor (Knock) Return unknown: Probably missing this week. Don’t own.

McShane (Ankle) Return unknown, Brady (Groin) Return unknown: Neither playing this week so do not own.

Dudgeon (Fitness) Return unknown: Unlikely to feature even if healthy


Liverpool Injuries         @ Norwich


Henderson (Suspended) 11.05.14: Missing three weeks, so drop.

Sturridge (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Looked out of sorts Sunday. Check back because he is really good and this is a potentially nice match up even if Norwich have been solid at home.

Enrique (Knee) Return unknown, Coates (Knee) Return unknown: Again you don’t want to own either of these this week.


Man City Injuries          vs West Brom

Nastasic (Knee) 21.04.14: Struggling to return from injury. Hard to trust him this week so I say make him a guy to watch with a view to adding him next week.

Yayo Toure (Groin) 27.04.14: Out this week so drop but you will want to add him when he is fully healthy again.


Man United Injuries      vs Everton

Rafael (Knock) 75% chance of playing: They have nothing else to play for so it will be all hands on deck in the premier league. However, I still don’t want him in my team at his cost.

Fellani (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Has hardly set the world alight. Do not own even if healthy.

Rooney (Toe) 50% chance of playing: I have to believe they play him if healthy. Check back.

Van Persie (Knee) 26.04.14: Should return next week but do not own this week.


Newcastle Injuries        vs Swansea

Debuchy (Groin) 19.04.14: Should return this week and is a cheap semi-high scoring option in defence with a nice match up. Check back.

Santon (Knock) 75% chance of playing: As above.

Ryan Taylor (Knee) Return unknown, Obertan (Knee) Return unknown: Neither are playing soon so drop them.

Sissoko (Hamstring) 19.04.14: He is their highest scoring fantasy midfielder so check back to see if he is healthy

Remy (Calf) 19.04.14: Check back because he is a good scoring cheap option.

Sammy Ameobi (Ankle) 19.04.14: Unlikely to play even if healthy. Don’t own him.


Norwich Injuries           vs Liverpool

Bassong (Knock) 75% chance of playing: Wouldn’t have him anyway with this match up


Southampton Injuries  @ Aston Villa

Boruc (Back) 75% chance of playing: Should play if healthy. Check back

Kelvin Davis (Knock) Return unknown: Could actually play if healthy with the Boruc injury! Check back.

Yoshida (Knee) 10.05.14: Do not own.

Rodriguez (Knee) Return unknown: Another one I reported last week and this is a re-emphasis. OUT FOR THE SEASON. DROP.


Stoke City Injuries        @ Cardiff

Huth (Knee) Return unknown: Probably going to be out for the season. Do not own.

Assaidi (Knee) 19.04.14: Should return this week but I’m not sure I want to own him.

Etherington (Back) 19.04.14: Not really fantasy relevant even if healthy.


Sunderland Injuries     @ Chelsea

Bardsley (Suspended) 27.04.14: Out this week. Do not own.

Cuellar (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: Not relevant even if healthy.

Bridcutt (Personal) 75% chance of playing: Not relevant. Don’t bother with him.

Fletcher (Ankle) Return unknown: DO NOT OWN


Swansea Injuries          @ Newcastle

Chico (Suspended) 03.05.14: Drop for this week

Tiendalli (Illness) 75% chance of playing: It is likely this will clear up but even if it does he isn’t fantasy relevant

Michu (Ankle) 75% chance of playing: So expensive you’re not owning whatever.


Tottenham Injuries       vs Fulham


Walker (Groin) 19.04.14: Has missed a few weeks now, so check back.

Dawson (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Good match up but he isn’t cheap.

Vertonghen (Calf) 19.04.14: An expensive option but this a good match up. Check back.

Dembele (Hip) 25% chance of playing: Unlikely to play but check back to be sure.

Lamela (Thigh) Return unknown: Don’t own.

Capoue (Ankle) 19.04.14: Downgraded last week and may return this week but who knows if he plays. This team has been so unsettled.

Sandro (Calf) 75% chance of playing: Not really sure if he plays even if 100. Do not own

Soldado (Hamstring) 19.04.14: Check back on him to ensure he isn’t downgraded. I have a feeling even if he is fit he may not play.


West Brom Injuries      @ Man City

Olsson (Achilles) 75% chance of playing: Good player but with a horrible match up. Do not own if healthy.

Morrison (Muscle) 75% chance of playing: There are cheaper options within his team I would rather have let alone in other squads. Even if he is fit drop him if you can afford the transfer.

Gera (Hamstring) 03.05.14: Do not own


West Ham Injuries        vs Southampton

Collins (Calf) 75% chance of playing: I’m not too sure I would start any defenders against Southampton just to be safe.

O’Brien (Shoulder Dislocation) Return unknown: Out for a while. Don’t own.

Nolan (Hamstring) 75% chance of playing: You would think they are safe so they shouldn’t rush him back

Borriello (Hamstring) Return unknown: Not worth owning.


So there is your injury news as it stands at 4pm ET on Wednesday but there may still be some injury reports to come out from the Arsenal-West Ham game as well as there being the games between Man City and Sunderland and Everton and Crystal Palace taking place so check back Friday!


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